Hypebeast: fashion’s next generation. Hypebeast: fashion’s next generation.

Hypebeast: fashion’s next generation.

What started as a small fashion movement ended in a million dollar company.
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The beginnings

We cannot talk about fashion, urban art and the Hypebeast without naming the blog of Kevin Ma, a young Hong Kong student who is passionate about sports shoes that created the first website on the subject in 2005.


In the beginning this page was not commercial in nature. It began a space where to dump your knowledge about “sneakers”.  Little by little the content of the page has been diversified. Letting in everything related to urban fashion and defining this platform as a style of life. His strong point has been that he has found a nincho that he loves and this makes his success.

The growth has been such that it has gone from publishing 4 daily articles to 80 newspapers today, it has a group of 100 people to supply the quality of the page, since it has gone from being a blog to a medium practically.


The economical Environment

Brands like ‘Supreme’, ‘Bape’ or even traditional high-end brands like ‘Gucci’ and ‘Louis Vuitton’. They have managed to establish a new style of prestigious clothing. These brands with different styles come together to make limited collaborations. This is where the new business model comes in. The brand itself does not end up selling this product to the end customer, but rather they have set up networks of resale companies, which are responsible for distributing these products in the market.

It is therefore a market with a lot of demand and little supply, in which a lot of money moves per year. Buyers of these limited items manage to buy, for example, a shirt of a certain brand, for $ 100; and they end up selling it in the resale market (ebay, amazon or others) for $ 400 or $ 500. The ‘hypebeasts’ are born.

The entrepreneurs of this market realized that with the appearance of these brands ‘prestigious and modern’, a new fan base of this new fashion also appeared. Followers wanting to get the most prestigious item and teach the world that has it.

Already in 2005, as we have said before, with the appearance of the first ‘hypebeast’ clothing forums, this market was still emerging. A hypebeast person was defined by what style of clothing he wore and how he dressed. Followers followed this movement because they liked fashion.


The Problem & The Solution

However, this new market was initially taken advantage of by few entrepreneurs and was not seen as a reliable source of business, since neither the purchase nor the sale was assured. That is, even if the businessmen were hours in front of the computer to buy the latest releases of the leading brands, I was not sure that they could buy them and than sell them at a higher price.

On the one hand, if the buyer manages to acquire a certain piece of clothing, sneakers or limited item, he has every right to auction it through the resale forums (ebay, amazon, etc.) and that the buyers themselves raise both the price that arose Profits.

However, on the other hand companies (not all), did not agree with this type of business that arose thanks to the internet and they saw it illegally, since the intention of the buyers was not to use the garments and sell them as a second hand, but buy them for your own benefit.

That position contrary to the resale business did not last long. The companies themselves began to notice a high level of purchase thanks to these new resale companies. And it was at this time when all parties began to win.

The companies achieved a very large fan base. There was total freedom to put the prices you would like. The other part: the resale companies. They began to receive more and more opportunities to generate profits. Creating huge collaborations with other brands.

The companies like GOAT or Stockx, are two of the many examples to get limited items and sell them online. But surely our greatest example is the company ‘Hypebeast’. They managed to get relevant in this new business. Be a reference for young fashion enthusiast all over the world.

Diogo Brandao Festa Ferreira

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