Hawking in popular culture Hawking in popular culture

Hawking in popular culture

The scientist appeared in many TV programs and films
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Stephen Hawking, one of the greatest scientists of all time known for his theories about space and time, passed away on March 14th, 2018. He was diagnosed with ALS at 21 years old and lived with this illness for most of his life, although doctors had predicted he would only live for a couple of years after his diagnoses. He lived for 55 more to the age of 76.

Not only did he make contributions to science and cosmology with his many publications but he also kept an active role in popular culture. Hawking was known to have a great sense of humor, which separated him from the rest. This can be appreciated in his appearances on different TV Shows. Also, because his biography was so interesting, many films were created to portray his life.

Hawking in the big screen

Even though he did not work as an actor, his life and his personality inspired some directors to create movies about him. In the film ‘Hawking’, for example, Benedict Cumberbatch plays Stephen Hawking as a man with a great mind and sensitive soul. Philip Martin, the director, wanted to portray the character of the physicist in a very complex way. This is why the main character is seen as brilliant and vulnerable at the same time.

‘Hawking’ is not the only movie about Stephen Hawking. In the film ‘The Theory of everything’ Hawking is represented by the actor Eddie Redmayne. This movie is based in the book about the memories of his ex-wife Jane Hawking,  Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen. Thanks to this feature the audience is able to know the famous theorist a little bit more personally. Although it is about how he came up with his best ideas and theories it also shows his human part and how his relationships were with other people.


The participation of Hawking in TV series

The physicist became the protagonist of one of the episodes of American TV series The Big Bang Theory. In it, Hawking played himself, it was an audience success, with 13 million viewers following the episode. The series of humor, based on the world of science, opted for the maximum contemporary exponent of physics to engage its followers. In the series, they do not just talk about Hawing, for obvious reasons, but the scientist himself  left recurrently.

Hawking in The Big Bang Theory

Hawking in The Big Bang Theory

Bringing awareness and excitement to the subject of science, which can for the most part be relatively intimidating, was one of the main goals of Stephen Hawking. His Simpsons appearances gained him many fans while inciting many more people to dive into the world of sciences. Plugging little snippets of his scientific work into Simpsons episodes was a signature move that many grew to love. Acknowledging his outreach to people through pop culture, Hawking said “Almost as many people know me from ‘The Simpsons’ as through my science”. A man who loved Science and Humor, managed to find a way to seamlessly merge the two.



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