IZINFINITY. Car, sweat car. It feels like home. IZINFINITY. Car, sweat car. It feels like home.

IZINFINITY. Car, sweat car. It feels like home.

The car that you deserve
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A real revolution

Firstly, the car is our daily essential, our transporter, the partner that accompanies us towards our dreams and our disappointments. From year to year, we have improved our models to make them ever closer to its users and more compatible with them. It’s time to offer you what was missing in your evolution to revolutionize your quotidian : the futuristic car that you deserve.


We all need a product here that changes the dynamics of an entire field. But not only. A product that also changes our daily lives. It is reality today.


At this time, these vehicles that are part of your daily life are not your allies. They add weight to you. They give the false pretense that they accompany you, but they are cumbersome, single task, not autonomous. It’s the opposite of feeling at home as a real everyday partner should.


You’re not too demanding, but they’re too lazy. A sleep tool, exterior airbags, motion detectors, a coffee machine, a home cinema, an automated driver, for instance, all in the same futuristic car. This is about getting cars to take the turn you deserve. Indeed, IZINFINITY will change automotive history as we see it today.


Without a doubt, shifting gears, driving, having to pay attention, being bored, not having what we want at hand should not be part of our daily partner. The features of today’s vehicles are too basic, not very daring and unergonomic.

All features in one

Moreover, here we are not just talking about innovation but about revolution. IZINFINITY futuristic car is an elixir. Your home is now in your hands. Don’t bother driving anymore. Do your daily chores, relax, prepare your speeches for the next work meeting, have dinner, sleep, watch TV, let yourself be massaged, take full time with your children, live. This car is autonomous. It is equipped with everything you need to live like at home during your daily journeys. You can interact on your giant touch screen, get massaged by the new latest generation massage seats, let the kitchen robots prepare a meal, take the time to take care of yourself thanks to the skin care machine, you rest on the fold-out mattress, enjoy your time with IZVOICE your new smart assistant, in short enjoy all the technologies you deserve. Going from town to town shouldn’t be a burden, right?


Chiara De Pasquale.


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