The future is called Tesla The future is called Tesla

The future is called Tesla

Elon Musk’s company once again anticipates by letting customers who want to buy a Tesla car pay in bitcoins.
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tesla y bitcoin

Moneda bitcoin y fondo logo Tesla


It is the first car company in the world that allows you to pay to acquire its products in this cryptocurrency.

The American company is not the first time that these most transgressive ideas occur to you, you just have to see how its electric cars are the most advanced in the market, and one of the only autonomous cars on the market right now.

Tesla founded in July two thousand, although it has been in losses for sixteen years, has only managed to close its first fiscal year in two thousand twenty positives.

Investors continue to see incredible potential in this company, since even having a very negative total balance.

The company has achieved in the last year revalue in the stock market more than six hundred percent.

This is because it is unrivalled when it comes to electric cars nor does it expect any competitor to overshadow it in at least two years.

Its most affordable versions of these models can be purchased for only thirty-seven thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars.

This version has a central screen to the right of the driver of 40 centimeters where you can control the entire car, since the rest except the steering wheel lacks buttons, which gives it a very minimalist and futuristic design.

To test the autonomous car function, you just have to put the destination in the car’s GPS, put your hands on the wheel and the car does the rest.

This market has only just begun, and the Tesla brand already promises to be a rival in its sector.

The benefits offered by its more affordable model leave behind fifty-thousand-dollar electric cars.

The tesla company already plans to launch its first fully electric truck, the “Tesla Semi”.

The truck has an autonomy of 800 kilometers, starting at $ 150,000 and will be available in 2022.

Name: Alfred Perramon Domínguez

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