Fusion cuisine at Boqueria market: Direkte experience

A gastronomic experience in Barcelona based on fusion cuisine
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Fusion cuisine in Barcelona become a real experience at Direkte restaurant. You can find this restaurant the middle of Boqueria market, where Arnau Muñío is changing completely the state of the art concerning the fusion food, employing raw materials of high quality.

Fusion cuisine

Taste fusion cuisine in Barcelona: when Asian and Catalan cuisines meet

Fusion asian food is even more interesting when it meets catalunian culture. At Direkte restaurant the chef is trying to make his clients living this kind of experience thanks to his creativity.

Thus, the fusion cuisine menu includes both fish and meat. Furthermore everything can be accompanied by wines from Catalunya and Spain. In fact the chef defines his restaurant as a ‘barra de degustación’ which litteraly means ‘tasting bar’. He also tells that the inspiration to the Asian food is due to his travels.

In addition, everyone can enjoy this meal. In fact Muñío provides menus even for particular diets (like vegetarian or vegan) and for whom has alimentary intollerances, respecting his idea of fusion food. Furthermore, Muñío gives lot of attention to his clients. Behind the cookers, people can find three different chef handled in plating the dishes perfectly.

This fusion cuisine is so innovative that the Arnau Muñío won the title Chef of the Year 2018. He obtained the prize at the Gastronomic Forum of Girona.

Fusion cuisine

However it is a little bit expensive. People can choose between two menus. The first one has seven plates plus two dessert and it costs fourty-two euros. The second one has ten plates plus two desserts and it costs fifty-six euros. In both cases beverages are not included, but the price of the wines starts from fifteen euros.

Finally, it has become a real fever. In fact you can see people queing on the front of the little fusion cuisine restaurant. Not miss out this opportuinity: it has less than ten seats, so remember to book!

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