“The one of the food” of  FRIENDS “The one of the food” of  FRIENDS

“The one of the food” of FRIENDS

FRIENDS is celebrating its 25th birthday, and the serie has decided to show how are made some of their most iconic dishes such as Joey’s meatball sub or Ross’ moist maker.
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FRIENDS, the famous American serie based on the life of Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, Rachel and Monica is celebrating its 25th birthday. Food is one of the “characters” that without realizing, it plays an important role in a lot of its episodes. 

Chandler, Ross and Joey












This relation between FRIENDS and the food it’s not new. In 2016 Valentina Morillo y Daniel López published a book titled El de la comida de Friends. In this book they recollected 75 recipes of food that has appeared in the serie, some of them being so important in some of the episodes. 


Apart from learning from this book, we can also see how these dishes are made via FRIEND’s Instagram page. They are publishing some short videos showing it’s ingredients and how people can recreate them like their favorite characters. They have already published some of them and they are having so many reproductions on social media. Some of the already uploaded ones are the moist maker of Ross, Joey’s tots or meatball sub and Monica’s famous jam. 


The one of the Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has given us some of most funniest and important episodes of FRIENDS, as there is an especial episode celebrating it on each of the 10 seasons.  The English trifle made by Rachel, one of the worst ever desserts to be created, is possibly the most famous dessert of the television.

Because people can have really different likes, here there’s a video where they show how to make this horrendous dessert. 


Some other dishes

Some fans of the iconic serie have also decided to list other famous dishes that appeared in FRIENDS. Maybe because of its role or because of its appetizing look, such as Phoebe’s grandma cookies or the floor cheesecake. Here there are some of these recipes


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