First Wine Experience in Italy First Wine Experience in Italy

First Wine Experience in Italy

Tradition, innovation and Love for the wine: learn, play and taste at Mondodelvino wine experience
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In the heart of one of the most famous Piedmonts wine areas in the world, the Roero, recognized by UNESCO as a “World Heritage Site”, more than a thousand visitors including wine-lovers, sector operators, journalists and many curious people have “baptized” an original multimedia installation. This multimedial experience is designed to guide the consumer in discovering the complex and fascinating universe of wine through the five senses with a full immersion in history, territories, vines, production techniques, aromas, flavours and combinations: trough an experience, that involves all the five senses.

Mondo del Vino company open the first interactive museum, called ‘wine experience’, all dedicated to wine.

Interactive path

Example of the Interactive path of Wine Experience


A new and innovative, multimedia and multi-sensory experience, through which the customer to learn about territories, methods and combinations in a fun and educational way.

Here the patron will learn about Italian wine playing with interactive screens and sensorial stations, and at the end of the path you will be able to taste the best wines of the production with the guidance of one of the most prepared sommeliers, to enter in a deeper knowledge and understand all the concepts of the experience.

All this is innovation, creation and pure arts: Wine Experience by Mondodelvino, would became an “experiential journey” that intends to offer itself as a privileged destination in the tourist circuits of Roero, Langhe, Asti and Monferrato. The goal to accompany everyone – both Italian and foreign tourists and enthusiasts – on a long and fascinating journey through the wine culture in the context of one of the most beautiful vineyard landscapes in the world.

It’s the first experience in Italy all dedicated about wine, an interesting initiative to create education, interest and to give a deeper-approach to the wine.

What is Mondodelvino Wine Experience?

In the path there are seven rooms, each dedicated to a different topic: starting with the zero room where the customer can find an epic tale about the culture of wine from the most ancient times, to proceed with the territories, the blend, the methods and above all, sustainability.

What difference the wine experience from other museums on the subject in the Italian territory is certainly the playful approach created for customers. The ultimate goal is to involve them in a different way and create a 360-degree experience that end with a tasting experience, in order to give more value to the products.

Tasting wine

Tasting at Wine Experience


So what are you expecting? Go there and start playing with the most beautiful thing in the word: the wine.



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