Be part of Pyrkon – biggest fantasy festival in Poland Be part of Pyrkon – biggest fantasy festival in Poland

Be part of Pyrkon – biggest fantasy festival in Poland

Help us build a home for every fantasy lover
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How Pyrkon fantasy festival started and how is it doing now?

The history of Pyrkon starts in 2000y in Poznań – middle of Poland. Firstly it was just a group of friends brought together becouse of passion for books, games, cinematography and different fantasy words that arose in dreams. We have come a long way from this point to creating and organizing festival known around the whole country. We are happy that year after year Pyrkon brings together more people and connects them with common interests, giving them joy and unforgettable memories.

Three years ago we moved to one of the biggest event area in Poland to give you more space to fit everything you love the most in one place. Five buildings, every of them big enough for 1500 people and a huge outside area to take advantage of every moment of good weather. For 3 days in a year we build there a fantasy city from dreams where you can find your people, have fun and feel like home.

Pyrkon against covid. Unequal fight.

The last time were rough for every one of us. Because of it we were forced to cancel two last editions of Pyrkon for the sake of your health and well being. As much as possible we tried to stay in contact with you to make this time at last a little bit better. We – as a festival team but also our partners, staff, volunteers and everyone in the Pyrkon community couldn’t wait to be back to Poznań and meet again. You helped us survive this sad and scary time so we feel obligated to make this year’s Pyrkon special.

cosplayers on Pyrkon festival

Cosplayers on Pyrcon fantasy festival


How can you help???

Come over!!
We don’t only want to rebuild what we had before, we want to grow and spread happiness for everyone. Bring your friends, parents, kids, your partner, cousins and neighbors. There is something for everyone. Board game lovers, series addicts, book worms, anime fans, artists, you call it – they all can feel welcome.

Be responsible
We want you all to feel free and safe and we believe that you want that too. As on this festival we care for each other and treat everyone like family. Accept boundaries and react when someone else is acting unresponsible or basely. As a result you can help us make this a wonderful experience for everyone.

Find yourself
We want you to be YOU so be creative, be crazy, be free. Let yourself feel comfortable. Don’t care about being a normal adult. Leave work and exams and above all plunge into the world of fantasy.

Therefore, see you in Poznań 16-19 june. Hope you can join us!

Zuzanna Pawlik

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