Expoclick 2022: A post-pandemic victory in Amposta, Spain

The annual Expoclick exhibition occured over the past weekend in the town of Amposta in Catalonia, Spain. This three day event has been held on the 11, 12 and 13th of November in the ‘Pavelló Firal’ zone of the Catalan location. There have been displayed numerous models made of Playmobile toys and figures, a very popular toy brand for young creators. The fair had 6,025 attendees and the entrance was only 1 euro, a small fee that goes toward finishing withstanding expenses that need to be covered for the event in the past and for years to come.

This was the 10th annual fair, but the first fair to occur since the Covid-19 pandemic ended. This was a huge feat for the event. Andreu Borràs, the organizer of the Expoclick in Amposta, stated in an interview with us that “the pandemic affected by the attendance of the people, less and less…” but now numbers are expected to rise.

Expoclick November 2022 Amposta, Spain (the YouTube video disappeared again)

This year, Expoclick collaborated with the José Carreras Foundation. This was to honor Maria, the daughter of one of the organizers, who passed away just one year ago.  The Foundation’s goal was to raise more awareness for leukemia. They were also hoping to find a donor or multiple donors for spine marrow as well.

People made the event possible

Each opening hour of the event, the majority of the attendees were collectors. They were there early to buy the most exclusive toys in the fair. During the rest of the day their presence dissipated, leaving mostly children and parents enjoying 18 different dioramas. The models showed various imaginative themes, including outer space, navigation on the open sea, the Wild West, enchanted forests, even a recreation of the burial procession of Queen Elizabeth II. In the venue there were 10 international and national stalls as well as raffle with an Expoclick gift.

A Playmobile diorama, showing the line of soldiers and procession in front of Buckingham Palace, showing the burial procession of Queen Elizabeth II.

A Playmobile diorama of the burial procession of Queen Elizabeth II

Additionally, people had the opportunity to enter the Buscaclick contest. The first competition was finding as many “clicks” that were distributed throughout the tent. “Clicks” are the individual Playmobile figures. The other contest was to make dioramas, but entries are made at home and submitted online to the Expoclick website. Borràs hopes that next year’s Buscaclick competitions are going to be completely in person.

Andreu Borràs, organizer of Expoclick Amposta

In an interview with Andreu Borràs, the organizer of the Amposta Expoclick event, he answered some questions about the event in regards to attendance, an overview of the event, and changes in recent years.

Firstly, when asked why the entrance only cost 1 euro, he said it was “to finish withstanding expenses that need to be covered and not with a collection eagerness.” This means the entry cost is only to upkeep the event’s integrity and make future events better and better.

Furthermore, when asked about the attendance of the event, the organizers expected a higher number of visitors. Due to the weather forecast over the weekend and the “great floods,” the attendance was lower. Though the turnout was still a success.

Fantasy castle diorama, with a large gray castle, greenery, and an orange moat with monsters guarding the pathways. Made of Playmobile toys and figures at Expoclick Amposta 2022

Fantasy castle diorama made of Playmobile toys

Nonetheless, Andreu highlights that there are always difficulties when planning and executing the fair, but its never been something serious. They have found some things through testing and analysis that can be improved upon for future events, such as the security involved, the information provided to the audience, the advertising online and offline, the website and the contests. For example, this year, even though the event was in person some elements were more digital, such as the Buscaclick contest which was “all digital, without tickets”.


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