Eroda, no land quite like it Eroda, no land quite like it

Eroda, no land quite like it

Eroda is the perfect example to not judge a book by its cover
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Not many people know this, but Eroda could be one of the best things that have ever happened to anyone. Just imagine stunning cliffs that drop directly into the sea. Or rolling grassy hills that make up the majority of the island… the beauty is both unmistakable and unforgettable.

But do not get confused, as there is more than hills and cliffs. Bustling fish markets, quaint villages and lively pubs are what gives Eroda life. It is formed by four villages, Garona, the capital, with the largest and primary port; and Marmoton, Martin’s Heaven and Yuna, the major population centers.

Eroda’s community is tight-knit and charming, as their inhabitants. They can trace their heritage back numerous generations. To honor their ancestors, they live in the same houses that they built a long time ago.

Eroda's Lighthouse

Eroda’s Lighthouse /



Life in Eroda

In Eroda people work for a living, too. The primary occupation, as it is an island, is fishing. Thanks to Kiernan’s studio, the island’s artistic reputation is on the rise. Do not think it is a regular island. Hairstyles in Eroda are the boldest expressions of one-self amongst the island’s youth. Self-expression is key, do not visit Eroda if you do not know yourself.

Because their main occupation is fishing, their cuisine is always fresh. The chefs gather the fish at the fish market every morning, selecting the finest the sea has to offer. There are testimonials about how excellent the halibut is, of course, when it is available. The land’s diners offer unique pastries that you do not want to miss out on.

In Eroda they also know how to have fun, do not mistake them by boring people. The Fisherman’s Pub not only recommends their wide selection of beers, but also the finest fish and chips you will ever have. Eroda has plenty of more surprises, but that is not the island’s objective anymore, it should be yours.


Carlota Molina Sánchez-Fortún

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