Nightclubs in Barcelona:  Has the end come due to the coronavirus? Nightclubs in Barcelona:  Has the end come due to the coronavirus?

Nightclubs in Barcelona: Has the end come due to the coronavirus?

Nightclubs are experiencing the most critical situation that they have never experienced in the sector so far
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Music has been one of the great victims of the pandemic. The losses that the sector will accumulate at the end of the year amount to around 120 million euros.  Since eight months ago, practically 100% of the clubs have been closed. Most of these places will not be able to survive in these conditions beyond 2020. This will be the end of these nightclubs unless they can recover the activity in minimal conditions.

Facade of «Luz de gas» which has the initiative’s poster.

These spaces have almost five thousand direct employees, the majority affected by ERTEs since the beginning of March. In addition, they have a large number of workers such as musicians, technicians or promoters. There’s others, who have also been affected by the forced closure. Carlos Rier is a Razzmataz worker and one of those affected by Erte. He explained that “since the local closed, all workers have received an Erte. I’ve been working at the nightclub for 3 years now and the truth is that this whole situation makes me very sad ”. In addition, he added that «right now I don’t know what is going to happen for the future of the nightclub».


Nightclubs like Razzmatazz, Sutton or Luz de Gas are some of the places that have hung a question on their blinds, which have been down for months. This is a campaign launched by #ElÚltimoConcierto in which the halls wonder if: will 2020 be the year in which we celebrate our last concert? This campaign aims to be their last cry for help to the administrations. They consider that the help they have received so far is «almost non-existent» as it says in the statement.

Almost 100 venues in Spain have joined the movement. On November 18 they have scheduled a streaming concert, which they hope will not be the last. This concert can be seen for free from 8 pm on the website, which will announce news throughout this week.

In the statement, they also state that “we would like the administration to understand that the work of the venues that offer a stable local artistic and musical programming throughout the year is a cultural asset of the country. Being able to have spaces where dance and music act as a nexus that amalgamates the ability to enjoy, interact and enrich socially and culturally, it is not only a need that we have at different times in our lives, but a service that we must offer and a right essential of citizenship that must be guaranteed».

Facade of the nightclub Sutton


The coronavirus has crushed concert halls across the globe. In Barcelona, ​​the situation of the most emblematic, like Apolo and Razzmatazz, is extremely worrying. What’s more, its managers predict its disappearance if the restrictive measures that prevent the opening of nightlife due to the Covid-19 pandemic are extended for another half year. Less glamorous stores predict they will close sooner. Nightlife is non-existent in Barcelona today. Entrepreneurs need to know when they will be able to reopen the more than 400 bars and clubs that set the nightlife in Barcelona. The party-goers stay at home, waiting for the Catalan capital to be able to enjoy the nightlife again.

Entrepreneurs find it difficult to be able to stay like this for much longer. They demand financial aid to survive. The reopening date is «in the air». For now it is impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Carlota Ros

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