ELROW the worlds dominating colourful techno event ELROW the worlds dominating colourful techno event

ELROW the worlds dominating colourful techno event

Is Elrow becoming the biggest gobal festival trend?
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reaches countries all over the world on the widest scales. Its music is prolifically techno, but this is still worth the visit even if you aren’t a techno fan!

I personally attended this event because of its unique attribute to the festival world as it features so many colours and it can be visioned as a wonderland. Elrow has been in Barcelona once already in 2020, and is hosting an upcoming an event next Sunday on the 15th of March! Each time it has a new theme, the previous theme was named ‘nowmads’ which was inspired by avatars. It is full of vibrant colours. And a true place of happiness. Everyone is smiling and enjoying their leisure time together.


Vibrant colours inside the dance tent

Be careful with a ticket purchase!

When purchasing your ticket try to get the cheapest one possible as it can be an expensive day out once you are there. They have numerous releases and the quicker you buy your ticket to the first release date the cheaper it is. The tickets sell out super fast so try and grab it up by following them on Instagram for new information regarding ticket sales! The ticket I bought was 40 euros and this was for the entrance before 12pm. This was an alright price which I considered reasonable as I wouldn’t have gone if I had to pay more. By the time my friend reached the website, there wasn’t any of these left so she had to pay for the 4th release ticket which was 77 euros! The only advantage of this ticket was that she could enter any time and not just before 12pm. However, we ended up putting the wrong location in the taxi and was 10 mins late. Arriving at 12.10, I was charged 30 euros upon entry to actually get in because I was 10 minuets late!! This was extremely aggravating but the mood improved once we discovered the ticket allows us to get a free alcoholic beverage. These were 12 euros if you didn’t have the ticket, so prepared already wavy to avoid these extortionate costs. Regardless of the money involved, it was a very good event and could be seen as a land of happiness, everyone was having the time of their lives and was enjoying being in their prime, it was nice to watch people be so happy.


Olivia kavaya savage

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