Electric: EQ is here, the new electric era of Mercedes Electric: EQ is here, the new electric era of Mercedes

Electric: EQ is here, the new electric era of Mercedes

Born in 2016, EQ is the new family of hybrid and electric cars from the German brand.
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Mercedes Benz could not be left behind. The German giant launched the Mercedes EQ brand in 2016. These electric vehicles want to position Mercedes not only as an innovative and environmentally conscious brand but also as the luxury mobility of the not-too-distant future.

What Mercedes is offering us is a range of vehicles with good performance, very comfortable, very quiet and of course … sustainable. The German brand also incorporates models called EQ Power, which is equipped with plug-in hybrid technology that allows for the autonomy of an internal combustion engine with the sustainability and acoustic comfort of an electric motor.

To make life easier for you and have more desire to switch to Mercedes plug-ins, the German brand will honor its well-reputed «best customer experience» also in their electric cars. This expression

The new electric model of mercedes at the barcelona car show

The new electric model of Mercedes at the Barcelona car show

was used to say the excellent care of its customers, with the recharging infrastructure with a Wallbox, the free «Charge & Pay» application that allows energy to be recharged at public charging posts and fixed accumulators of electrical energy from photovoltaic or solar installations for homes and businesses.

«Concept EQ is ‘hot’ y ‘cool’», commented at the time of the presentation Gorden Wagener, chief designer at Daimler AG. “His fascination with him stems from a new interpretation of our design philosophy, expressed by the term sensual clarity. Those points to a new, avant-garde, modern and independent aesthetic for electric vehicles.

It’s a no-brainer that Mercedes-Benz’s ambition is to be the best-positioned brand in terms of electromobility and software. To achieve this goal, four new electric vehicles will be launched based on the future EVA platform for large cars. In 2021 being the EQS, followed by the EQE, the EQS SUV, and the EQE SUV. But this does not end here, from 2025 new electric vehicles will arrive based on a new platform, called MMA, for compact and medium-sized cars. AMG, Maybach, and G will work on the latter architecture.


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