Can eCooltra be the future of new mobility in Barcelona? Can eCooltra be the future of new mobility in Barcelona?

Can eCooltra be the future of new mobility in Barcelona?

The scooter sharing app eCooltra is easier and quicker to use than bicing, the previous sustainable mobility service in this city.
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Walking around the UAO, you can hardly miss them. Lots of students rent the electric motorbikes eCooltra to get to the university. According to their shared scooters are getting more and more popular.

Easy and quick to use

A free app on a smartphone allows to rent them on demand. During the quick registration process, users are required for their credit card data, their driving licence and identity cards. Once one of eCooltra’s employees has checked the documents, the account is activated.

The app locates and starts the scooters. There are two helmets for each scooter, so it is possible to take a friend or co-student with. Considering the traffic regulations, eCooltra users can ride to and from university and reach almost the whole city center.


eCooltra is in fashion among the UAO students. But apart from being practical and economical, it also promotes sustainability and the improvement of the Barcelona environment. Ricard Fusté, a student at this University, acknowledges that «I feel better when I come with an eco-filter instead of using my own car.»

The pollution caused by these electric vehicles is practically nil, since they do not emit pollutant gases and being very quiet. They also greatly reduce noise pollution in large cities. The eCooltra is present in many countries and provides a total of 5000 electric motorcycles in 5 major European cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Rome, Milan and Lisbon.

The use of this service favors the city, and the metropolitan government of Barcelona (AMB) will allocate 26 million euros for the new sustainable mobility plan between 2020-2023. «The strategy for combating air pollution is clear, in order to respect people’s health, as the rest of Europe is doing,» says the vice president of mobility, transport and sustainability.

Ecooltra vs. Bicing

All types of new and traditional mobility together

A bicing and scooter crossing the road


Electric motorcycles have been the great private commitment to new mobility, but scooters and ‘bicing’ remain the most used transport services. However, the users of electric scooters filed 13,441 fines in 2019. The bicycle is also the cause of many accidents in Barcelona. The city council has created a new mobility plan to encourage the use of electric bicycles in the city.

The main problem facing eCooltra, as bicing, is the ignorance of these new mobility services outside Barcelona. The metropolitan government paid or provided similar services However, Marisa Vázquez, a UAO psychologist, explained: “I did not know that, in my city, Sant Cugat, there was a bicing like that of Barcelona”. Next step: eCooltra’s expansion to the metropolitan cities.

Carlos Manzano, Ricardo Jiménez and Anne Sophie Feil

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