E- Scooter, the new controversial mobility E- Scooter, the new controversial mobility

E- Scooter, the new controversial mobility

The electric scooter is undoubtedly the new trendy urban transport. This new mobility appears to be the perfect way to fight against car traffic and pollution. However, it is not without risks. 
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Since the introduction of the e-scooter in the summer 2018, there has been an enormous increase by using them. Many citizens looking forward to the changes in mobility. A widespread opinion is shared when it comes to the climate debate. For example Ana, citizen of Barcelona, says: “I think it is one of the most efficient ways to reduce emissions. It is also much cheaper and easier to park and transport than cars.”

Green solution for urban mobility

The real aim of the government was to reduce the CO2 emissions and to counteract the space problem by a frequent decline in cars. The space in the cities is getting smaller and smaller due to the steady influx of people from the countryside and the increasing population. Therefore, the transport routes have to adopt.The students of Abat Oliba are also positive about the change in e-mobility. In various interviews we asked students of different ages from our university. Most of the answers were similar to the data already collected from previous studies. E-scooters contribute greatly to the progressive developments in climate protection. They also mentioned the use of e roller as a cost-effective variant compared to the cars. In addition, the traffic stress would be minimized by the large number of cars in the city. Also the search for a parking space would be simplified.

The demand for more security

But the introduction of the e-scooters has generated some other problems that the students care about, for example the security. “I think e-scooters are a good thing, but at the same time are dangerous, as they don’t make any noise”, explains Laura, one of the UAO students in favor of the use of e- scooter. 

The low noise and the imprudence of some of the drivers have already caused some accidents, with a rate in Barcelona of 1 accident per day, according to the Medical Urgency Sistem of the catalan capital. Some of the UAO have demanded regulations for this new way of mobility. “A group of assessors and experts from the government should be the ones to determinate the new regulations of e- scooter” affirms Laura. “E-scooters are only intended for tourism, would be used drunk and only considered as free past time”.





Benjamin Baixeras, Fabienne Kleinkopf and Albert Rojas


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