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As we touched upon earlier, Global Database provides a wide array of filtering tools to make it incredibly easy to find your ideal prospects instead of just looking up a particular organisation. Global Database provides direct phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, and the company website, as well as the company’s address. This data makes it incredibly easy to put together efficient emailing or cold calling campaigns from scratch. The only type of contact information that Companies House makes available is the company’s address, so the service is essentially useless as a marketing tool in terms of setting up campaigns unless you’re using direct mail. Information has always been a critical success factor of any business, be that knowledge about prospects, the market or competitors.

  • Global Database provides direct phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, and the company website, as well as the company’s address.
  • Find gaps in the market – See how many businesses are currently in your niche, or a new one you’re considering entering.
  • The digital service doesn’t have that function; you’d have to do it manually, provided you know the names of every company or officer you want to add to your mailing list.
  • Using a more data-driven approach will also help to give you more realistic sales forecasts.
  • Global Database on the other hand is completely digitised, so all of the company information is available in one place with instant access.

All of the details offered by Companies House can be found on the Global Database platform, along with deeper, much more in-depth insights to allow you to access everything you need in one place, and build a complete picture of each prospect. Companies House only provides information about the directors and the secretary of the company. Global Database offers information on employees at all levels, including heads of specific departments and non-managers. While no respectable data provider would claim to offer information that is 100% correct thanks to the rapid nature of business changes, Global Database takes its commitment to data quality incredibly seriously. We strive to provide the freshest, most accurate B2B data on the market by consistently running a series of checks and updates across all of our directories.

Filter based on factors such as industry, location, number of employees, trading activity, and more. You can then view important details such as shareholder and director information and financial records. As well as the free data, the Global Database platform also offers a more in-depth solution, based on an annual subscription. This information really allows you to build a solid picture of each prospect company and gives you the opportunity for a much more data-driven approach to sales, marketing and business development.

Exploit their weaknesses – Check the company’s financials or credit score to see how they’re currently performing. You could also look at how technologically advanced they are, and how much web traffic they’re getting, then use your findings to improve your campaigns. Using a more data-driven approach will also help to give you more realistic sales forecasts. By looking at what kind of numbers other businesses in your niche are turning over, depending on factors such as time of year, you’ll be able to adapt your strategy accordingly and ensure you’re not over or under buying.

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Each company entity is registered with company number, company name, registered address, incorporation date, accounts due date, industry code, etc. In this basic B2B lead generation guide, you’ll learn about B2B lead generation marketing and digital strategies, effective tools and tactics, and B2B lead generation platforms that can put you on the path to sustainable business growth. Having a deep understanding of both your customers and your prospects is essential in today’s B2B world. Without having a complete understanding of your target audience you risk losing potential sales to your competitors. Gaining sufficient company data allows you to market better, pitch better, and ultimately grow your business at a faster rate.

crm trading ltd companies house

Data from Companies House is around 70% digitised, with the rest being offered in PDF format, including annual returns, details of new appointments or terminations, and incorporation details. Global Database on the other hand is completely digitised, so all of the company information is available in one place with instant access. The Companies House directory does have a good record for data accuracy though, and there are also real-time updates available both online and via the service’s API. Create consistent and informed forward momentum — by evaluating options and trade-offs in the current environment in real time. Much of this data is cross-referenced across multiple sources, helping us to ensure it is as accurate and complete as possible.

Office Location

The data provided by Companies House about individuals is also limited to their name, date of birth, role and date of appointment. Global Database includes data such as seniority level, email address, nationality and also provides links to a quick search function via social media. This can’t be underestimated given recent research from Forrester has predicted that insights-driven businesses will generate $1.2 trillion revenue in 2020, an increase from $333 billion in 2015. In accordance with the 2006 Companies Act, all types of companies are registered with Companies House, and these companies, including those that are subsidiaries or even inactive, are required to submit annual returns and a yearly financial statement. There are certain exceptions though, so not the database is by no means exhaustive.

crm trading ltd companies house

Here’s some examples to give you an idea of the general scope of the potential available. It’s also worth noting that Companies House is basically just making the data that they receive public. This means that they are unable to correct mistakes without going through the process of receiving a signed document from the person who submitted the data. Therefore they are essentially reliant on business owners contacting them to make alterations.

Companies House Vs Global Database: How Do They Compare For B2b Data?

Instead, you’d have to export each of the documents held in PDF format one by one and then copy this information into an XL file. Global Database provides you with the choice to download a company record or follow the record to receive timely email alerts. Global Database offers a much broader range of employee information in the directory. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Use them as an example – If they’ve made a big change, like entering a new market or launching a new product, how has it affected their financials?

Find gaps in the market – See how many businesses are currently in your niche, or a new one you’re considering entering. Find opportunities to launch new products or services where customers needs aren’t being met at the moment. Once you’ve filtered the database using the numerous options provided, you’re able to download your resulting list, ready for use in your next marketing campaign or enriching your current customer data. Global Database’s starting point offers filter tools as well as search by company name, perfect if you don’t have a specific organisation already in mind. Both platforms are easy to navigate with a clear interface and offer a simple search function, although Global Database also provides a range of filter tools for an alternative search option.

Having a deep understanding of your prospects and customers is essential, now more than ever. Buyers expect offers to be tailored to their specific interests and challenges now, and without doing so you’re unlikely to stand out from the crowd and engage them on a meaningful level. You can very easily narrow your search based on specific factors including job title, location, industry and seniority level. You can also search by name, then look at the individual’s background to determine if they’ll be a suitable fit for your business. Although Companies House can be useful if you already know the company you want to target, it only provides basic information.

Detailed Company Information

Companies House may be a good place to start if you’re looking for very simple business data, or just checking whether a company is actually registered in the UK. However, in order to build a full overview of your prospects, a more in-depth solution such as that which Global Database provides is needed. Our platform also offers features such as filter tools and easy list building, making it very efficient to set up new marketing campaigns or add data to your CRM. The Companies House digital service isn’t great as a marketing tool – the fact that you can’t filter the records or build lists means it’s hard to get the data you need, and of course there are no contact details other than company addresses. Global Database is a well-rounded sales and marketing tool, allowing you to build highly-targeted lists and export as much data as you require. Global Database’s business intelligence platform offers specific filter options so that you’re able to find companies that match your ideal buyer profiles or segment different groups for better targeted campaigns.

crm trading ltd companies house

When you have a better grasp of who your customers are and what they require, you can tailor your approach based on this information. Personalisation is more than just a passing trend – it’s become a vital aspect of any self-respecting marketing campaign. Global Database makes this much easier by allowing you to download and export data in bulk, Trading CRM and we also provide 20 years historic data so you can get a really deep understanding of the way a company has grown over time. We also offer these exports at no extra cost and with no limits – you can grab the data as you need it, however much that is. Companies House provides limited data on individuals, and only senior officers are included.

Companies House Vs Global Database

You can use the data provided to target them with ads or other content that will offer them with a solution. As you’ve probably gathered, the information offered via the Companies House digital service is pretty limited. It gives a good basic overview of each business, so is good for checking whether or not an organisation is registered properly in the UK, but doesn’t provide too much value beyond that. If you’re looking for a quick way to put together a list of prospect companies or individuals via Companies House, well.. The digital service doesn’t have that function; you’d have to do it manually, provided you know the names of every company or officer you want to add to your mailing list. This dataset includes 5.3 million companies registered with Companies House, United Kingdom.

Trending Searches

Global Database has an easy ‘Build a List’ feature to put together targeted mailing lists. The use of third-party data is just as valuable for B2B companies as their counterparts – perhaps even more so given the importance of establishing good working relationships and tailoring your pitch to their needs. Embed xP&A, IBP, and RevOps capabilities in your business with Connected Planning.

Any changes are sent to you via email, so you’re always as up to date as possible. We add new companies all the time, so this also means you’ll be able to add new leads to your CRM before your rivals. The «Follow» option on the Companies House website provides you with limited updates for a specific company. Build your comprehensive, always up-to-date contact lists, using multiple filters on the Global Database platform. Get acquainted with the full range of possibilities it opens for your business via an online demo.

But today, with the digital boom and the B2B data sector moving with an extremely fast pace, data has become the indispensable fuel of any business’ engine. Global Database also allows you to easily headhunt new employees, whatever industry you’re in. Finding the ideal new hire can be both expensive and time consuming, and as the image below from Robert Half shows, can have very negative consequences.

Both Companies House and Global Database offer this feature, enabling you to receive email alerts for any changes to specific company records of your choosing. Of course, the limited amount of data held about each company in the Companies House directory means fewer options to keep up to date with them – it will be for things like change of address or the appointment of a new director. Global Database has a broader scope of data available, so as well as these changes you could also receive alerts for other things such as job changes and credit score updates.

Our web crawling technology also adds and updates records every day in real-time. There are a few ways that having access to comprehensive company data can give you better sales results… This in-depth data offers varied uses across a number of different business functions, making it even better value.

This chart from eMarketer shows just how important the use of third-party is when it comes to digital marketing in particular, with a quarter of businesses using this type of information extensively in order to create more successful campaigns. Using information about other companies that has been collected by other organisations saves valuable time, and also provides you with a much deeper and full understanding of each of your clients. According to the 2018 CMO Survey, almost 30% of companies are planning to increase their use of third party data over the next two years. Third-party data is here to stay – it’s finding the right sources that is the key to getting the most out of it. Along with our patented web crawling technology, we also employ a team of over 100 in-house staff members, to manually collect, organise and verify our data every day.

Business intelligence platform Global Database provides a wide range of company data for millions of organisations based in the UK. It offers regularly-updated business information and is used by market leaders across diverse industries, including big names such as Microsoft, Avaya, Maserati and KPMG. As Companies House themselves highlight, around 47% of searches on the database are for company officers, yet just 53% of businesses inform them of updates to their officer details within the required time period. Companies House does not allow you to view detailed insights such as the company’s group structure, office locations or digital insights.

If you’re determining how much a certain business is before a deal, having only basic information about them isn’t going to cut it. To carry out a sufficient background check, you need access to details such as financial records, credit scores, mortgages and charges and shareholder details. Global Database provides a quick solution for all of this data, enabling you to look up multiple businesses in a matter of minutes with a simple search of company name. In order to target a single business, or ‘account’, you need to know what challenges they’re facing.

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