DOVE: «Together for beauty» DOVE: «Together for beauty»

DOVE: «Together for beauty»

United every day against the canons of beauty
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Sometimes in difficult life situations, you don’t give yourself the value you deserve. There comes a day when you no longer fix yourself, you don’t take care of yourself, you don’t pamper yourself… But you have to know, that in this life we ​​are here to enjoy ourselves, and to put ourselves before everything and everyone. Beauty does not understand color, weight or age, one is beautiful and powerful every day and anywhere.

It is time to fight against the world and show that perfection does not exist, we are real bodies and minds, because each one of us is authentic and unique. 


Seven powerful women with unique and unrepeatable beauty

Seven powerful women



Imagine a life where beauty is a source of trust and not anxiety, where positive energy fills us with happiness and not worry … Your way of perceiving the world has to change, and the company Dove is by your side to accompany you along the way. That is why, since 2004, we are by the side of all women to make them feel good, and not pressured by the canons of beauty.

Our “Dove for Self-Esteem” project educates young people through lessons and workshops in schools, and helps parents, teachers, and guardians deliver self-esteem education. We do not want to leave you alone, we want to join you to achieve this great goal that will change the lives of your daughters. We must be aware of the negative comments we throw at our body, since these attitudes, in the future, may be reflected in our little ones.

Raising the self-esteem of the next generations is in our hands, so let’s give the importance it deserves, and let’s fight so that they do not have to bear the burden that society has imposed for so many years. 




Anna Ochoa Acedo

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