The Digital Communication Week (DCW) predicts the future The Digital Communication Week (DCW) predicts the future

The Digital Communication Week (DCW) predicts the future

The conferences talked about the importance of Artificial Intelligence
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So, what is artificial intelligence? According to Javier Anguiano -Google España- and Ramón López- Institut d’Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial-, it is what will run the world in the 40 years.

Machines can be our mind

Artificial Intelligence is our brain expressed technologically. It makes functions that requires intellect quickness, such as thinking for humans or managing data. For example, when you search a certain topic in the web, it proposes you automatically answers or questions that you can already think for yourself.    

An example related to Artificial Intelligence is, for instance, the current situation in Catalonia; a topic that has increased the searches in breaking news and Google recommends to its users questions such as “How to open a bank account outside my country? or What can I do with my earnings?”  without making the user think.

AI can do our brains function

This phenomenon started with the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, the first wave was when the searches began to be by voice instead of by keyword. Later on, is when Artificial Intelligence starts taking place: machines start doing what humans can do. Javier Anguiano commented that “Google structures your photos, recommends you which ones you can delete and it can even recommend books for your spare time”.


Artificial Intelligence as a visual perceiver

On the other hand, AI can identify visual images by visualizing its environment through different devices. Ramón López says this action is working in real professions, for example, “Doctors use deep learning to analyze medical diagnostics such as x rays to know if there’s any illness”. Critical painters also use AI to know if a paint is from a certain painter or another by scanning the image and identifying certain strokes.

This is just the beginning. Artificial Intelligence has also new challenges: it has to improve some projects like the voice talking (Siri, Cortana…) because they still don’t understand fully some languages or expressions. In addition, visual perceptions have still some mistakes. Images are biased by complementary images, for example confusing a toothbrush with a baseball stick.  

Artificial Intelligence has still to discover new ways of improving its system, but we can now say that data from AI information has power over citizens. Because, as Javier Anguiano says: “Information is power”.

Newspaper: Stranger Technologies, by Elsa Boloix and Andrea Pelegrín

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