Daydream with coffee Vanilio Daydream with coffee Vanilio

Daydream with coffee Vanilio

Let your five senses enjoy the delicious and unique experience with Vanilio coffee
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Nespresso coffee

Nespresso company works with the highest quality because we care about people’s well-being. Nespresso’s workers take care of selects each of beans and remove those that are too ripe or green. Only with a defective grain can it alter all its contents. Hundreds of farmers in Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico have pledged to harvest the best coffee. They use sustainable and environmentally friendly production methods. In addition, all capsules of your products are reused to create new ones.

In this image you can see a glass of Vanilio coffee and accompanied with two coffee capsules

Glass with Vanilio coffee

About Vanilio coffee

Vanilio is more than just a drink, it is a combination of sensations and experiences. When you put the capsule in the machine and you taste it, your five senses will activated.

This product is the fusion of intense and delicate vanilla aroma with the pure and natural coffee flavor. This drink leaves a pleasant and lasting vanilla aftertaste once it has finished consuming it. The company use the best Arabic beans from Colombia, Costa Rica and Brazil to make it.

To get the vanilla aroma, follow a special curing treatment of the pods that usually lasts between 9 and 10 months. These are collected and allowed to wither, in the sunlight, to favor the fermentation reactions. Then, using the sweating technique, the pods become dehydrated with the increase in temperature. Once they have lost water they expand on the ground to let them dry. Finally, the pods are collected and stored in wooden boxes for three months.


The benefits of coffee

When you have drunk the coffee, your body will begin to notice the first benefits for your health. This product is a rich source that will help you to stimulate your body in a state of alert when the organism is not at its highest levels of functionality.


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