Daft Punk going ‘around the world’ again? Daft Punk going ‘around the world’ again?

Daft Punk going ‘around the world’ again?

Mysterious electro duo keeps rumour mill running
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By keeping it mysterious, Daft Punk always manages to score success. They have released few albums: four studio albums in twenty years, with the latest album ‘Random Access Memories’ in 2013. The two tours were held in 1997 and 2007. Last year, 2017, would perfectly have fitted into the list for a third tour. Their website Alive 2017 was counting down in 2016. Fans were hoping for news such as a tour or a new album, but when the counter jumped to zero in October 2016, nothing happened. Unfortunately. Until a few months later a video was found on YouTube with the same title as the website. Dedicated fans and members of the Reddit internet forum went into research, and the numbers shown in the video turned out to be coordinates of cities like London, Chicago and Amsterdam. The hope of a tour stirred up, but we could not exclude that the whole story was a hoax. Around Daft Punk has always hung a hint of mystery.

‘Daft punky trash!’

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangaltar, the men behind Daft Punk, met in 1987 on their secondary school in Paris, and discovered their interest in dance music a few years later. They played together in a punk band named Darlin, but they soon fell apart after bad reviews. A reviewer named one of Darlin’s songs ‘daft punky trash’. Bangaltar and De Homem-Christo went on as a duo and showed their productions to a record label staff during a party. In 1994 they released their first single under the name Daft Punk, and in 1997 they scored their first hit with Da Funk , which scored a seventh place in the British charts.

Pioneers in the houseworld

There was never much promotion around the work of Daft Punk. The two hid behind their masks and robotic helmets, and their productions spread automatically through the music world. ‘We rarely have output . That’s why people pay more attention to it, ‘Bangalter told Rolling Stone.

Daft Punk’s music is considered a new generation of house music and made the French house popular. Thomas Bangalter is seen as the first musician who tried to develop this distinctive house style. French house, also called disco house or French Touch, is characterized by the many use of samples, synthesizer and the drum computer. We also hear the global influences of the current generation of dance artists and DJs. Swedish House Mafia calls Daft Punk «the greatest superheroes of all time», and Avicii and Skrillex said that listening to Daft Punk was life-changing for them. The world’s best DJ David Guetta, also French, called the album Homework a revolution and regularly uses their tracks for own live performances. Deadmau5 owes his helmet to Daft Punk.

Less machines, more people

With the latest collaborations, the change of genre is noticeable. Daft Punk was always known as a group that made pure house and electro. The collaborations with Pharrell and The Weeknd showed that Daft Punk was open to new styles, and that was also to be heard on their latest album. That album, Random Access Memories, tended more towards disco and soft rock. The typical drum machine with which they always worked became too much the autopilot in their music. There had to be room for people in their music. ‘We wanted to do what we always did with machines and samplers, but with people,’ said Bangalter.

In the end, the video found on YouTube under the name Alive 2017 turned out to be a hoax. As far as the countdown on the website is concerned, people have not become much wiser yet. We can continue to speculate. The men of Daft Punk did not see a tour as something that necessarily belonged to an album. They want to draw all attention to the new music after the release of Random Access Memories. Should there be a tour again, then get your CD player out again. Daft Punk has admitted that the next tour will revolve around their entire career and will not focus on the latest album.

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