Cybersecurity exposes American’s worries on browsing the internet Cybersecurity exposes American’s worries on browsing the internet

Cybersecurity exposes American’s worries on browsing the internet

A Pew survey reveals the problem for a huge number of adult online users
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Surfing the net is not safe anymore in the United States of America. Cybersecurity is a huge factor, especially in our current society. People do not feel protected at all while they browse in front of their devices, such as laptop and mobile phones. According to an inquiry made by the Pew Research Center, the majority of the American people do not even know basic information about cybersecurity. This is because several persons use this kind of accessory in their daily life without a proper knowledge of it.



The 13-question survey reveals that the median respondent answered correctly only to five of them, while only the 1% responded well to all of the 13 questions. The 75% of internet users can pick the most secure password from a list of four options. It is better to avoid dictionary words and use at the same time letters, numbers and symbols. Half of online adults said they can identify a “pishing” attack (54%). Moreover, with a similar share (52%) they do know that turning off the smartphone GPS function does not prevent all location tracking.


Resultado de imagen de phone cyberecurity

Private browsing

Additionally, one peculiar answer more is related to private browsing. Only the 39% of the American interviewed knows that private navigation doesn’t prevent ISP’s from monitoring subscribers’ online activity. About wrong answers, a huge amount of internet users doesn’t know what a botnet is. Only the 16% responded correctly.

Lastly, the question who received the bigger amount of incorrect answers. It’s first necessary to explain that it’s recommended to use a “two-factor” or a “multi-factor” identification on any account. A “two-factor” meansthat there are a double authentication. One for your password and another for your tablet for example. This is fundamental in order to put an additional layer of cybersecurity while browsing. When the inquiry presented a set of images of log-in screens, only the 10% of the users has been able to identify the right one.



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