“Crims L’Exposició”: Barcelona’s dark side

As long as there have been people, there has been crime. However, in our civilized reality of life, we are on average rarely affected by it. Nevertheless, it scares, shocks and fascinates us in equal measure. The exhibition titled “Crims” picks up on this conflicted feeling and shows the most spectacular criminal cases in and around Barcelona. As a long-term exhibition it can be visited on the 2nd floor of Palau Robert for free.

“Crims”: An immersive experience

“Crims L’Exposició” is brutally real. Everything visitors can see there truly happened. Although some scenes are dramatized, the facts, names, and locations are reality. For instance, content from original documents or witnesses who were at the crime scene is The combination  of objects, images and sounds in the immersive space offers the viewer an extraordinary opportunity for reflection and interaction. 

With this, the exhibition takes up several perspectives of life and death: those of the environment of the victims, the perpetrators and the investigators. Furthermore, a separation into different rooms enables visitors to delve deeper into the different realities. 

The horror of murder, the suffering of the victims and the will for justice 

“We try to develop every room to keep the people inside every step that happens”, the curator Carles Ortet explains. That’s why the start of the exhibition is focused on the motivation of the killers. Underlying drives, interests and passions of every crime are embodied. Portrayed criminological analysis of drives and behavioral patterns show that these are very diverse. In addition, real examples of different profiles are illustrated, which should help to understand why we kill.

In crime cases, police investigative work is especially important. Therefore, different tools and techniques must be used to get to the truth and bring justice to the victims. The exposition is clearly showing how connections are being recognized by the investigators. In the interrogation room, the pressure on police forces and suspects can be clearly felt.

Above that, “Crims” shows with particular impressiveness that homicides do not only affect those who have been killed themselves. In fact, criminal acts have far-reaching effects and change the lives of many. The exhibition highlights how victim families are forgotten by the judiciary, media and society after the crime. 

Quote of the "Crims"-exhibition, according to which victims of crimes are often left alone

Quote of the “Crims”-host Carles Porta, according to which victims of crimes are often left alone

The origin of “Crims”

“Crims” can be traced back to the same name audio project which started at Catalunya Ràdio in 2018. There, the journalist, author and producer Carles Porta discusses the circumstances of the latest, most relevant crime cases of Catalonia. His mission from him is to “bring light into darkness” while maintaining the utmost respect for the victims. 

Since 2019, “Crims” can also be seen on the TV3 television channel. The cinematic support contributed enormously to the increase in popularity of the format. With digital audiences, “Crims” was and is a huge hit. Evidently, the audio and video episodes were played a total of 35 million times across all platforms. In October 2021, the audio-program won the Ondas award for the best radio program. 

Due to the success of “Crims”, a collection of books from the series featuring unpublished or featured crime stories was released. These are also included in the exhibition.


Carles Porta, founder of "Crims", portrayed next to his books at the "Crims" exhibition.

Portrait of “Crims”-host Carles Porta next to his books at the exhibition

The mission

Organized by the Directorate General of Broadcasting and curated by Carles Ortet, the exhibition was developed in special collaboration with Carles Porta. All contributors pursue the mission of making crime explainable as the dark part of society. Hence, visitors can discover the details of multiple seasons’ crimes from a new perspective. In guided tours and organized discussions, the investigative techniques get explained from a professional point of view.

Above all, as has been the case since the start of the “Crims” format, the victims in the exhibition should also be treated with particular dignity and respect. Since those responsible are in contact with many of the victims’ relatives, particular attention is drawn especially to their perspective.

For everyone interested in true crimes of Catalonia from different perspectives, “Crims L’Exposició” is worth a visit. The exhibition is taking place until  April 10th at Palau Robert in Barcelona.


Franziska Paulus

Paula Forns Arias


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