“Crims”:New season and immersive exhibition

Starting this Monday, November 14, a new season of ‘Crims’, the true crime series in Catalonia, will air on TV3. The new installment has 4 episodes that focus on double cases and as always, will feature narration by journalist Carles Porta.

Poster in the beginning of the exhibition of Crims: "posem llum a la foscor"

Crims: poster at the beginning of the exhibition.

What is “Crims”?

It is a radio&TV program, dedicated to cover criminal stories that took place in Catalonia in recent years. The creator, Carles Porta, is a journalist and producer, who spent 14 years doing investigative reporting on TV3 channel. This show premiered as a podcast in 2018 on “Catalunya Ràdio” and debuted as a TV program two years later. The program brings up the real criminal cases, backed up with supposed reconstruction of events. Also with real police documentation, photos and press information. Over the course of 4 years, the show released more than 30 episodes and became a sensation in Spain, having around half of the million viewers each episode.After almost 5 months of waiting, viewers will be able to return to the world of investigation. Starting with a story of Mónica Méndez.

The exhibition of Crims

“Crims. The Exhibition”, opened in “Palau Robert”, Barcelona in October. It is created on the basis of previously discussed in “Crims” cases. However, already known stories can be seen from a new perspective.
“Some of the experiences in the exhibition might offend your sensibilities. We show real crimes. Reality and death have no sensibilities” – states the sign in the beginning of exposition. Then followed by video-greeting from Carlos Porta, we immerse into a criminal world.
First thing worth mentioning, the exposition contains information in 3 languages: Spanish, Catalan and English. As a foreigner myself I expected to rely on the visual content and ability of my mind to guess, but to my surprise, I didn’t have to. On top of that, visual experience indeed plays one of the biggest roles.  However, you don’t have to read everything to feel a general atmosphere: fear, helplessness or rage, depending on the room. Each one shows a different perspective on the crime. And as in real life, it starts with a tragedy.

“Why do we kill?”

That is the first question a visitor will see after entering the exposition. And this question remains actual throughout the whole experience.
This room is dedicated to a criminal’s mind. General facts of each case are shown in the oppressive silence. You can see a suspicious man looking at you through a peephole or blood chilling stories, narrated only by evidence and crime scenes pictures.
Following the corridor, you will witness a short footage of suspects’ identification. The next room represents the helpless horror that victim’s loved ones have to go through. Also, the hologram of sunrise on the moors captures a sinister silence that a family experiences while awaiting for news or after receiving. Doomed to learn how to cope with a burden of grief, they want justice to be served.


In the interrogation room, which comes next, the visitor can see a good known from movies setting: a table and two chairs behind the one-way mirror. Hard to imagine, what mind games are happening in these rooms: policemen are detecting criminals’ lies and virtuously cracking them up. However, the hard work towards justice starts long before.
Next, in the fourth room there is everything that led towards the capture of a criminal. It consists of a laboratory where the expertises are done; a police office where the whole investigative work is made and a 911 “call department”. Every visitor has an opportunity to get to know the work environment and tools&legal procedures required.

Finally, in the last room of exhibition is very life-asserting: a percentage of committed in Catalonia crimes is very low. However, the danger is real. This exhibition is a reminder of how anybody’s life may be affected in split seconds and how fragile this life is. Stay safe and enjoy new episodes of ´Crims´on TV3.

Iliana Ezhova and Dana Miranda

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