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Brands with values

Consumers expect more from brands
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Dionisia Mata visited the Abat Oliba University last Wednesday to present the Meaninful Brands study. She is the Insights Director of Havas Media Group. And since consumers want brands with values. Mata presented the international and national Meaningful Brands of 2019.

Havas Media is the media division of Havas’ group. And Meaningful Brands is a business study they do every 2 years. And, in this study, Havas Media do research about:

«Going beyond the product and exploring how brands can make people’s lives better».

Society, values and brands

People prefer to buy products from companies that share their own values. According to Meaningful Brands is 77%. Right now, brands participe in an active way. Also, when it comes to social and environmental poblems.

So, Havas Media researches what’s more important to people nowadays. That way, brands can make an actual impact on them.

How to measure brands

So, after undestanding how important is a brand, they study three things:

  • Functional benefits: Do the product or service actually works?
  • Personal benefits: How do brands make better peoples’ lives?
  • Collective benefits: What is your role in society as a brand?

Therefore, Meaningful Brands is able to know how to create a powerful brand. But most importantly, a brand with «good recommendations».

Meaningful Brands 2019

Google, PayPal and Mercedes-Benz are the top 3 meaningful brands worldwide. Consumers like these brands because they have credibility. And they deliver what the audience wants.

For instance, in Spain, Google, WhatsApp and Decathlon are the most important brands. Because they create a bond between their message and the audience.

brands with values

Dionisia Mata – Meaningful Brands Spain 2019

Generation Z

Dionisia Mata says that not all brands share personal values. But, the problem is that people want to feel something. Therefore, they want to be able to communicate with brands. And, brands to communicate with them.

So, people have high expectactions when it comes to brands and how they create content in media. In other words, there is a big relationship between the content and values.

90% of users and clients hope that brands create:

  • Experience
  • Solutions
  • Entertainment
  • Stories
  • Events

This way, brands can make people think about on their content. And 72% of the personal benefits come from the efficiency of the brands’ contents.

But, what is important in one country, may be not that important in another. This is why it depends on each country’s values. And how brands choose to participate with their own audience.

The challenge

Media has to upgrade itself. Javier Corominas is the director of the Communication and Advertising department of NUPA. He believes that: «Traditional media has realized that they can hurt a brand depending on how they deliver a news». 

And Montserrat Blanco, the director of Advertising and Image of La Caixa, agrees. And so, adds: «Traditional media should not be left out. As a brand, we should find a balance between the audience and quality content».

Also, Víctor Gutiérrez, head of Strategy and Innovation of Havas Media Group, says that brands should create communities. So, in other words, if you have a strong purpose, you need communication.

Meaningful Brands in other words

That is to say, that at the end of the day, consumers want brands that:

  1. Listens, respects and facilitates
  2. Have ethics and transparency
  3. Give personal benefits




Authors: Lucas Cañete, Paolina Santinato & Cristina Reverte

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