The new perfect taste of the original Coca-Cola The new perfect taste of the original Coca-Cola

The new perfect taste of the original Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola 136 anniversary surprises
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Coca cola´s first and original taste has been with you in your happiest moments for more than 130 years. But we now want to make them happier on our 136 anniversary and that is why we are presenting Coca Cola´s new original taste .

Over the years we have been improving our original taste although of course the essence remains. For our 136 anniversary we decided to make it a bit better even if you thought that was not possible, you will get to know when you try Coca Cola´s new taste.

Our new, but still original, taste is now more refreshing, more cheerful, tastier and makes every moment better and even happier. Share a “new” but original coke with people who you love, people that were always there for you like us, and create new memories and remember old times.

New bottle size for Coca Cola´s new taste

We know you are going to love it so much and that is why we are now also going to have a new bottle in a bigger size so you don´t mind sharing it. The design of this new bottle will recall all these past years that we have been with you since the beginning.

And as we are celebrating our anniversary we also have another gift for you. Within the first week of the new original taste launch, with your purchase you will be given a fashionable and ecofriendly tote bag.

Coca Cola´s anniversary new origunal taste tote bag

Coca Cola´s anniversary tote bag


It is not just a new taste, it is a new version, an improved version of us because we are always trying to give you the best and to make you feel special. Most importantly we want our consummers to know that we are always working for them.

In conclusion, we love making your meetings more enjoyable and fun and being part of them.

Taste the feeling, try our new version.


Martina Zárate

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