Catalan conflict: Quieter than I expected Catalan conflict: Quieter than I expected

Catalan conflict: Quieter than I expected

First impressions and thoughts about live in Barcelona and the Catalan conflict of a German student
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Aaron Woerz is 21 years old and spending an

Semestre in Barcelona. He is from Germany and lives for the first time in Spain. He gives us his impression of Barcelona and the Catalan conflict.


What is your impression about Barcelona? Which differences did you notice compared to Germany?

Coffe shops and bars are always full, even when it’s raining and cold, people speak louder on the street and everywhere. In Germany people don’t talk with the same “passion”, in public. People seems to be more communicative, for example, the bus driver can start a conversation with you without any problem.

catalan conflict

Aaron Woerz, a german erasmus student

And what do you think about the actual political situation between Spain and Catalonia?

In general, every group of people should have the right to decide about the political future. But the way the Catalan people tried to do it regarding the not existing willingness to only speak about the topic was not the right point.

Have you got some personal experience about the conflict since you are in Barcelona?

Is more calmed that what I expected. I think that if you come as a tourist to Barcelona only for a few days you wouldn’t realize nothing about the political situation. The only think is that you can see Catalan flags in most of the streets in the city, so you understand that something is going on. Another fact that I couldn’t ignore is that my neighbours started to making noise with spoons and pots on the balconies.

German press focus on economic implications of the Catalan conflict.

Is that topic having a huge impact on German press reports? Are there a lot of content talking about the situation?

In October when the problem was on the top of the agenda, more newspaper wrote about the topic and possible consequences for European Union. Especially in Germany, economically impact on Spain and decisions of German enterprises in Catalonia were discussed.

Yago Carrera

Aaron Woerz

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