Can domino’s replace the true pizza in Italy? Can domino’s replace the true pizza in Italy?

Can domino’s replace the true pizza in Italy?

The famous brand from US arrive in Italy in 2015 and had an unexpected success in the country of pizza: it is opening new places and a production site in Milan.
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Pizza: one of the most popular and beloved food worldwide. But we know that the best one is the Italian Neapolitan! The main characteristic that distinguishes the Italian one from the other ‘copies’ are the raw materials used to make it, especially the origins of them.

The Mediterranean area, in fact, is famous for its products: high in quality and properties. They are so healthy that the Mediterranean diet is the most favorite among the nutritionists around the world.

Some careful expert assigns the secret of the Italian Pizza to the right sun’s exposition of the products used to do it (like tomatoes, basil and wheat, collected from the area near Vesuvius).

So how can substitute such traditional and genuine dish with this kind of Domino’s industrial production? (Americans are good in lots of things but not in doing pizza at all!).

Italian Pizza

The innovative pizza

The master franchisee Alessandro Lazzaroni was pretty determined in 2015 when he managed the opening of the first Domino’s pizza in Milan. Now they can count more than 10 in the city and a production site where they produce the basic kneading.

But what is the secret of this success? The originality and the service never seen before in Italy!

Almost all the Italian young people follow the trend of ‘exotic dishes’: from sushi to Mexican food. They would like to try everything and their tastes are changing.

The strengths of Domino’s are offer unbelievable (for Italian) flavors of pizza like pineapple, bacon or chicken that you won’t find anywhere in Italy. However the service is the real innovation: fast, with only 30 minutes of delivery and the temperature maintained is 70°C. (While the average on the market is 36°C/40°C when arrives at the clients’ homes).

Therefore, we can only wait and see if the ‘Domino’s fever’ will affect all the Italian people, in the meanwhile..Buon appetito!

Roberta Bruno

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