Cacaolat milkshake is older than you

The drink capable of raising your mood even on the saddest days has been doing the same with your parents and grandparents for more than 80 years.
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The history

The breakfast shop of the M. Vaider family created Cacaolat in 1931. The shop with more than 125 years of history created the first cacao milkshake of the world in Barcelona. Nowadays, the family is keeping the best secrets of the drink during four generations.


About the ingredients

Cacaolat produce the drink in Sant Coloma de Gramanet for more than 80 years. The company use the fruit of Theobroma cacoa called Forastero to produce the drink. In addition, the factory produce the drink with milk from nearby farms. The milkshake is created with the best selection of cacoa and milk that makes his aroma unique and inimitable.

The picture shows two bottles of Cacaolat and the cacao

Forastero is one of the three cacaos in the world.

Take care of the planet

Cacaolat has a responsible attitude towards the environment. The only gas that the factory emits into the atmosphere is water steam. It is necessary in the sterilization of glass bottles. Also, the factory reuses the glass bottles by returning them to the factory.

What makes this drink special

Cacaolat have the taste for which you are never old enough. The drink has something that hypnotizes us and it is equally irresistible natural, cold or hot. You can choose between different products like Cacaolat Veggie. Now, you are in time to enjoy the experience and tasted it.

The picture contains the diferrent products of Cacaolat

You can choose different products depending on your needs.


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