Burrata: from Andria to the World Burrata: from Andria to the World

Burrata: from Andria to the World

The Apulia fresh cheese Burrata has conquer the world tastes
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Burrata probably doesn’t need a presentation, but for the unlucky people that haven’t already taste this product here is what you need to know. Burrata is a fresh cheese that was born in the 19th Century in the area nearby Andria.

 The history of Burrata

Lorenzo Bianchino is the inventor of this product. This “Casaro” (cheese-maker) from Andria, invented this product for necessity. As a matter of fact, during a cold winter where the snow blocked him and all the milk in its own “Masseria” (typical Apulian rural habitation) this man had the necessity to find another way to preserve the fresh products. This brilliant product was created from the necessity to avoid food waste and then it became the most popular fresh cheese of Apulia.



 The IPG certification and “Burrata di Andria” consortium

The name Burrata comes from the taste of butter (“burro” in Italian) that you experience when you eat the interior part of the cheese. This explosion of taste has made this product popular and consequently there was the necessity to preserve its authenticity. As a matter of fact, in 2016 became  an IPG product recognized by the EU. In fact, there is now a clear procedural guideline that certifies the authentic production procedure. Moreover, on the 17 February of 2017, the “Burrata di Andria” consortium was founded and it includes 6 local cheesemaker. The main goal of this consortium is to represent not only the local but the entire regional producers of Burrata. As a consequence,  this consortium wants to represent the entire Apulia production of this cheese.

Burrata around the world

This fresh cheese is now available almost everywhere in the world. It appears both in simple restaurant or pizzeria and in the most exclusive locations. For instance, you can find Burrata in the 102 floor of the Hong Kong Ritz Carlton Hotel in the restaurant of the Apulia chef Pino Lavarra.  If you’re not a fan of fine dining, you can find this product on tasty Italian pizzas.

burrata dish

burrata dish

No matter where you are, go and look for your own burrata experience!

Piergiuseppe Bartolomucci

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