Beher’s Big Bet Beher’s Big Bet

Beher’s Big Bet

Beher and the long road to excellence
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Its beginnings date back to the early 1930s when Bernardo Hernández Blázquez, founder of BEHER, began to market the first Iberian products that he produced in an artisanal way. In the 1970s, Bernardo Hernández García, son of the founder, took over and made BEHER grow significantly and internationalized the brand thanks to the first exports. Beher’s big bet in 2021 was its new Beher Green ham.

Today it is a company that is consolidated and recognized in various countries around the world.


Have you ever thought about the importance of the aging and curing process of a ham in order to be considered the best in the world? Beher is a brand that is committed to seeking continuous improvement in order to offer the highest quality standards to its customers. But, this because the pigs raised on their farms are of a 100% Iberian breed and during their upbringing.

There are various factors that are taken into account. such as a good diet based on acorns and grass, vaccination of the cattle, cleaning and transfers made in their own vehicles. In fact, Beher pigs are raised in the montanera area. In addition, they require high maintenance and a longer feeding time based on acorns in order to guarantee the quality of the mass. And, in turn, that their fat is not harmful to the future consumer. 


Also, do you know any brand that is committed to excellence in organic production? At Beher, we realized that it was necessary to be able to offer our customers a ham from organic production.  

That is why currently Beher’s big bet is the BEHER Green line. In which, we apply production systems and techniques that minimize environmental impact and respect our environment. In other words, we want to make responsible use of energy and natural resources.

Therefore, Beher Green foods are made with feed and raw materials of 100% natural origin. But above all, always preserving soil fertility and guaranteeing sustainable, economically viable and socially just agricultural development.

 Organically produced ham.Beher's Big Bet

Beher’s Big Bet.

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