Barcelona Zurich Marathon 2021 Barcelona Zurich Marathon 2021

Barcelona Zurich Marathon 2021

On the 7th of November, the annual Barcelona Zurich Marathon is taking place. We interviewed Jessica Kane, an experienced marathon runner about her preparation. We asked Alex Dekker: ‘Why do you run marathons?’
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On the 7th of November, the annual Barcelona marathon is back after being canceled on two separate occasions due to Covid-19. For many people, the marathon is a very important event. There are an astonishing 17,000 registered runners this year. The distance of the marathon is 42.195km. The event will be huge and will pass the most beautiful parts of Barcelona. For example, The Sagrada Familia as well as the Arc De Triomf!

Barcelona Zurich Marathon 2021

Barcelona Zurich Marathon route 2021


The marathon begins at 08:30 on Avinguda de la Reina Maria Cristina and finishes at Plaça d’Espanya. You can download this route on Official Marathon Route Map. In addition, after the first 5km, there will be a stand with refreshments such as water and fruit again every 2.5km! As the marathon takes place in November, the weather should indeed be manageable for the athletes. The weather forecast is 18 degrees & raining. 


Zurich insurance company is sponsoring this year’s event. Hence, the official name is the Zurich Barcelona Marathon. The other main partners are Asics and Caixa bank.  

The origin of the marathon

The most important figure in the history of this marathon is of course Ramón Oliu! Ramón Oliu started running at 48, he eventually became a long-distance runner. He ran the New York Marathon. When he moved back to Barcelona, he asked when the marathon would take place. The answer was, that there was none. In 1977, Ramón Oliu founded the first marathon in Barcelona. He had support from the New York marathon organizers. 

Covid Restrictions

Infection rates are low because 89% of the Spanish population is fully vaccinated.  Almost all restrictions have been lifted, which makes it easier to plan the marathon. Also, it may feel like the ‘old days, which makes it a nice environment for the runners as well as the supporters.

The Zurich Barcelona Marathon tries to make it an experience for everyone. On the marathon, people can join activities like Expo sports, Pasta Party, Kids Race, etc. This will make the marathon even more attractive to go to. The event’s purpose is not only for the runners but also for the people watching it, which they call the Magic Experience. 

Preparation for a 42 km run

We got to interview this amazing Irish athlete who explains her normal routine before and during a marathon. Her name is Jessica Kane. She ran multiple marathons prior to the Barcelona marathon. We asked her a few questions you can see in the video:

The reporter got to interview a Dutch athlete as well. His name is Alex Dekker and he is 28 years old. He ran 4 marathons prior to the Barcelona Zurich marathon. We got to have a great conversation with him in which he explains why he runs marathons for fun.

Why Marathons?

‘Why are you so into extreme sports, like a marathon?’ Alex answered: ‘I think I want to have a challenge, it is boring to do anything you can do easily, right?’ The reporter further asked: ‘If you like challenges, do you also set a time goal for yourself when running the marathon?’ Alex said: ‘Yes I do, I am setting a goal to run the marathon depending on how my training goes, I do love the rush and adrenaline in running it and trying to achieve my goal.’

‘When I achieve my goal, i feel so satisfied and a bit proud of myself.’

‘How do you feel about your run this year, what is your personal goal?’ Alex responded: ‘I think I am in the best shape of my life, I hope I can run a personal record this year.’

Athlete’s experience

By interviewing Jessica Kane and Alex Dekker, we gained a great insight into the insight of this year’s participants.  They explained their experiences, preparations, and goals. For marathon runners, the race is most importantly a goal for them to achieve. The satisfaction for the runners is the achievement of such an extreme goal.

This year’s marathon is a highly anticipated event, for supporters as well as the runners. Ultimately, the event is constructed to entertain everyone! 

Petra Macevilly, Shannon Kenny, Anna-Lisa de Boar


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