Chelsea will have options Chelsea will have options

Chelsea will have options

Chelsea’s midfielder Cesc Fabregas faces against his old club Barcelona
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Today FC Barcelona and Chelsea FC are going to play for a place in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League. And one of the big attractions of the match is going to be the comeback of Cesc Fabregas and Pedro Rodríguez to their former home. Fabregas accept to give us an interview and explain his feelings and sensations before the important match. Deco, Juliano Belletti and Eidur Gudjohnsen, who played in both teams are going to tell what they think about this important match.

 What does it mean to return to the city that was your stadium for so many years?

With enthusiasm, but is going to be a tough game. 90 minutes at Camp Nou will be long for everyone and will be difficult and complicated. We’re working well and we’re looking forward to it. We know we’ll have to surprise them to make the quarter-finals, but we’re ready for it.


camp nou

camp nou


You have faced Barcelona before, how were your feelings?

The sensations in Barcelona have always been good. I did it with Arsenal and now with Chelsea and I felt pretty good. I don’t mind playing against my past, against friends, on the contrary, it motivates me. Them too.

How do you expect the reception from the fans?

It’s the least of it. The match is a Barça-Chelsea match and my return is of no more importance.

What do you think when you face Leo Messi, your friend, as your rival? 

I see him as a rival who wants to win. We’re on different teams and everyone wants the best for his team. But always with all the respect that deserves to have him in front of me, for the damage he can create, for what he can do with the ball at his feet, but always trying to do our match and try to attack them.

Would you celebrate scoring a goal at the Camp Nou?

I haven’t really thought about it. I’ve only scored two goals this season and I haven’t scored in a while. These are sensations that happen at a certain moment and you can’t say that I won’t celebrate it, but I think that I wouldn’t, although…

What do you think about last match?

We had bad luck, but at least we are still alive, we made a great previous game.

Finally, can you tell me a result?

Very difficult, but I think that 1-2 maybe, it’s what I expect, Chelsea will have options.

Our pre-match of Barcelona – Chelsea

Today we had the pleasure to talk with three soccer players that played for both teams, in Barcelona and in Chelsea. They are going to answer which team they think is going to win and also which one is their favorite and gets their support.

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