Artificial Intelligence a tool in progress Artificial Intelligence a tool in progress

Artificial Intelligence a tool in progress

Artificial Intelligence in our hands
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The University of Abat Oliba discussed a present innovation regarding digitalization. The University has chosen the theme of Artificial Intelligence. The topic was chosen because it is a fairly new technology in our society. The three-day debate regarding artificial intelligence was led by highly qualified individuals in the respective field. The first debate was led by Javieir Anguino the Industry Manager of Google Spain. The second debate was led by Ramon Lopez de Mantaras who is the director of Artificial Intelligence of the Superior Center of Scientific Investigations.

The first debate at the University of Abat Oliba was on November 21st.  In the debate, Mr. Anguino stated that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new idea. In fact, the term “Artificial Intelligence” came to be in 1956. However, AI is becoming more predominant today. He also stated that not all companies and educational facilities are ready for a huge innovation as Artificial Intelligence. In fact, only a few companies such as Amazon and Goggle are ready for this type of revolutionary technology.


Companies starting to invest in AI

Artificial Intelligence developed to make people’s lives better.

Artificial Intelligence is a learning machine. This technology works by in taking data, creating predictions, and making better decisions. The more information you input the more the robot will learn. We can see Artifical Intelligence in our smartphones. For example, SIRI and google maps are forms of AI. They do not only help people by facilitating daily tasks but it also helps companies.

Phones also have Artificial Intelligence

Phones also have Artificial Intelligence

Mr. Anguino demonstrated how artificial intelligence can be used to gather critical information for companies. Companies such as banks and even grocery stores benefit from this type of information.

In the second debate, Ramon López Mantaras expressed his objections towards the general public conceptions about Artificial Intelligence. AI has achieved remarkable success in some fields such as chess, go, translations, face recognition, etc. However, he remarked that those achievements were done in one particular/narrow field. «AlphaGo doesn’t know how to play chess,» said Mantaras. According to him, we are very far from achieving a more general or universal IA intelligence.

To back up our argument we present a video about myths and facts about Artificial intelligence:


«We are 100 years away from general intelligence (singularity)» according to Mantaras. A pessimistic approach since most United States experts situates this feat at a 30-40 years range. He stated, «We are not there yet: prototypes suffer a lot of accidents». He even ended the debate about a futuristic AI as the one we see in movies (to the despair of some people in the audience) and expressed firmly: «Forget about singularity».

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