Artificial intelligence, what’s next ?

What could the future with artificial intelligence look like?
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Several conferences took place at Universitat Abat Oliba on this matter. The 2 guest speakers Ramon Lopez de Mantaras and Javier Anguiano explained everything that needs to be known.

Javier Anguiano is manager of industry and finance at Google for Spain.

He’s in charge of the support banks towards customer needs accelerating a full digital transformation through an efficient strategy.

In 2017, data are very important. The new business is based on the personal data. There are legal terms but no one read them and once you accept them, the companies can have access to all your personal data.

It’s important to share this data because you can help companies providing information about their clients. For example, in which pages their clients navigate or what they like.

Recording to Janvier Anguiano, they are alternative search engines : Qwant, Xaphir, Ecosia, Lilo, …

Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, what about artificial intelligence ?

Ramon Lopez de Mantaras is working at Instituto de investigacion en inteligencia artificial.

For him, artificial intelligence consist in creating systems based on softwares with the capacity of solving complex problems.

One problem of the artificial intelligence is the cyber hackers : the system has to be verified in order to assure that nobody can enter. Another problem could be the autonomy.

There are two types of artificial intelligence : concrete, a system that just does one thing and the general one.

There won’t be many changes for a century for artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence affects the way journalists work. The American newspaper Los Angeles Times has a robot-journalist who is writing articles on his own. But the thing about artificial intelligence is that it will never perfectly replace what a human being can do. Journalists can look for information and verify it and then make a coherent piece of it. The depth that the article has will always be more than when a robot would write it.

artificial intelligence brain

So indeed, artificial intelligence is an interesting thing for the future. It can replace work that journalists or writers would normally do, but it will never be able to fully replace it.


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