Ariana Grande, a needed hug Ariana Grande, a needed hug

Ariana Grande, a needed hug

Ariana Grande’s song ‘Get Well Soon’ offers a healing experience
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On August 18th, 2018, Ariana Grande Butera decided to bless the audience with the release of her marvelous album Sweetener, it is her fourth overall and first, since the Manchester attack on May 22nd, 2017, where twenty-two people perished. Ariana Grande was determined to bring light into our lives with the sung thoughts, and she nailed it perfectly.

The record embodies fifteen songs and all of them are as stunning as the artist. It starts with raindrops (an angel cried), it continues with blazed (feat. Pharrell Williams), the light is coming (feat. Nicki Minaj), REM, god is a woman, sweetener, successful, everytime, breathin’, no tears left to cry, borderline (feat. Missy Elliot), better off, goodnight n go, pete davidson, and it ends with the finest, get well soon.

Ariana Grande as a medicine

Ariana Grande’s intention, after the dreadful event, was to give a musical hug and that’s why get well soon talks about recovery and hope. As Ariana Grande said on Twitter, it is about her anxiety and how she grieved, she expressed: “I felt like I was floating for like 3 months last year and not in a nice way like I was outside my body”. Get well soon encourages people suffering from any kind of mental health issue to raise their voice and it lets them know that they’re not alone. After the outro, the tune continues in silence for about 40 seconds. The moment of silence is to honor the victims of the Manchester Bombing. The extra 40 seconds make the song’s duration 5:22, which commemorates the day the attack occurred on May 22nd, or 5/22.





Listening to get well soon is an empowering experience. It works as more than six months of therapy, you can listen to it all the times that you need. The song is equipped to slaughter all your demons and fears, to heal all your harms, and shatter the impediments that are in the way of your dream. This track can help you just as it did with Ariana Grande.

The melody has innumerable benefits for your health. When listening to it, your brain liberates dopamine, the pleasure hormone, which helps to improve your mood. Furthermore, it helps create new connections between your neurons, that allow you to increase your memory. According to various North American and European hospitals, music therapy operates as an analgesic. It’s one of the best methods to relieve stress and relax.

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