The Irish fighter is here to win the Catalan Rugby League The Irish fighter is here to win the Catalan Rugby League

The Irish fighter is here to win the Catalan Rugby League

Raised in Ireland and fighting in Spain, Niall Farrell wants
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Niall Farrell (Dublin, 1998) is studying aeronautical engineering, something that he does while combining his studies with his beloved rugby. Since he was very young, he was selected by the Irish team to represent his country. His path in rugby became more noticeable as the years went by. Until at 18, he decided to prioritize his love for boats and the sea over the sport he loves so much. That is why he decided to come to Barcelona to study Aeronautical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

Irish rugby player playing for the CEU

Niall Farrell, irish player playing in Spain.

Question: When did you begin to play rugby?

I started playing rugby with 14 years old and I wanted to change sports and try a different one.

Q: When did you decide to play competitively?

I started competing the same year I started. Playing in sub14, sub16, sub 18 and finally arriving to play in the senior of my club.

Q: How do you feel after this incredible season?

It has been an amazing year. The team has only lost 2 games and we have been undefeated almost all the season. We arrived to the final, but the road does not end here. We will try to win all the trophies this year. Even though, victory can not be celebrated yet. We have a very powerful opponent ahead. We will see what happens.

Q: How do you see the club’s future?

So far we have been playing in the highest league of Catalonia and the goal would be to play at the national level.

Q: Do you feel like playing Rugby until your 30’s?

Playing rugby until age 30? In the team there is people from 18 to 35 or more, so if the body holds me, I’ll keep playing. But being a contact sport, you never know.

The expected moment has arrived

The Final of the Divisió d’Honor Catalana Vueling  (the highest catalan league)  promise a lot of excitement this next Saturday. If you are interested, you can see who will be promoted to the highest league in Spain at . CEU or Barça, you never know.

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