Shopping online becomes more important for Americans Shopping online becomes more important for Americans

Shopping online becomes more important for Americans

After a survey from the pew research center from 2015, eight out of ten people in the U.S are shopping online only and 15 % of them even purchase something online on a weekly basis
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Online shopping seems to become more and more important to Americans than ever before. Half of the shoppers in America use the internet at least once a month for shopping. Even fifteen percent of them on a weekly basis. There are only 20 percent of the Americans left that don’t use the internet for making their purchases. You should read this article if you like shopping.

Roughly eight-in-ten Americans are online shoppers; 15% buy online on a weekly basis

Graph of American online shoppers

As online shopping accelerates, so does the use of smartphones to make purchases. The survey showed that 51% of online shoppers made buys through their mobile devices in 2015. This doesn’t only mean that shopping on the internet became more important. It also means that shopping became a casually activity while doing something else. You as a shopper most likely make up part of this percentage. Internet shoppers in America nowadays don’t only sit home in the evening in front of their laptop and shop online, they also use their smartphone, iPads or other mobile devices to make purchases during their daily routine.

Americans prefer shopping on social media

Another thing that seems has only come up recently is that more and more Americans purchase through links they see on their social media accounts. This means that the role of influencer in social media is more important than ever nowadays. 15 percent of the American online shoppers use links from pictures they see on their social media as for example Instagram or Facebook (you know you probably have an Instagram account).


There are many affiliate links which are linked in the pictures of for example Kylie Jenner’s cosmetic articles so people only need to click on the link in order to shop what they see. If you are an American you have probably shop at Kylie Jenner store. Customers can buy this product in her website. Kylie checks her Instagram posts. She informs her followers of her new products daily. The celebrity makes a lot of money from Instagram.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) am

American entrepreneur Kylie Jenner even has an own Instagram account to make online shopping experience better. Her colleagues make sure her posts are readable. Consumers love her products.

Americans tendency to shopping on the internet showed another time how important the internet became in the last decades.  It seems like for Americans in the future the amount of online shopping will increase even more. In a few years, it might happen that there are no not online shoppers in America left.


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