Aloe vera of our ancestors, “Pere Marve” Aloe vera of our ancestors, “Pere Marve”

Aloe vera of our ancestors, “Pere Marve”

The best aloe vera gel suitable to care for and maintain your skin healthy and perfect.
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One of the objectives of Cosmonatura laboratories is to offer its aloe vera gel called “Pere Marve”, a 100% pure and natural gel with very beneficial properties. This gel remind us of the aloe used by our ancestors, such as Cleopatra. She used this plant to care for her skin because it gave her beauty, health and, according to her, immortality.

In addition, it wants to make known and demonstrate that it is an affordable gel for everyone.  These gel never rejects anyone because of their origin or economic level, everyone is welcome to use it. For this reason they sell it at a very affordable price

Going deeper into the characteristics of this gel, contains many good things such as vitamins A and E among other things. Its also use for many things such as an anti-inflammatory. Also, helps to combat many things such as eczema or acne. For this reason, they consider it as multipurpose gel. A sensation of well-being to alleviate any skin condition. 

Pere Marve's aloe vera gel jar for aloe vera

Pere Marve’s aloe vera gel jar


A unique aloe vera

Since it’s aloe vera 100% natural, the skin receives it with a feeling of freshness. It’s as if it will enter direct contact with nature. It has a soft texture and not greasy at all.  The gel leave the body instantly hydrated.

“Pere Marve” is the first aloe vera gel product created by Cosmonatura. A spectacular product that continues to captivate many people thanks to its fascinating properties. Little by little, they are evolving, both in quality and in the designs and presentations of the products. This is thanks to the master formulas. To prove this fact, they have quality certification seals. The aloe juice that they use is the best, since it comes from fresh leaves. So don’t hesitate and take care of your skin with Cosmonatura.




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