5G technology “can make life easier”, said a technology expert 5G technology “can make life easier”, said a technology expert

5G technology “can make life easier”, said a technology expert

Yago Carrera Cortés a journalist in the field of technology solve questions about it.
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Yago Carrera Cortés (Barcelona, 1997) a journalist in the newspaper EL MUNDO in the field of technology and previously in the sports sector. The young man is about to graduate in journalism at the private University Abat Oliba CEU. Yago, who has achieved what he set out to do and work in science and technology in an important newspaper. Has interviewed the politician of the Socialist Party of Catalonia, Pere Navarro i Morera, among others. Technology has always fascinated him. The future that will bring us and the technologies that will surround us are some of the questions he has wanted to solve.

Yago Carrera a technology expert next to Great Wall of China

Yago Carrera next to Great Wall of China.


“Even motorcycles are made with 3D printing”

After a decade of innovations what the near future of the technological innovations, what is expected for this 2019?

For me one of the technologies that has to take a step forward is the 5G technology. Can make life easier with its application to mobility, for example. Another of the technologies is 3D printing. Until now it was used in the industrial sector. Now there are many other areas in which you work with it. In fact, there are even motorcycles made with 3D printing.

Unfortunately, more than 1 million people die each year on the roads. The majority (94%) they are due to human error. Some automobile companies foresee if the machines are actually safer than human decisions. What do you think?

The numbers speak for themselves, the technology is probably more precise and has no distractions as long as it is perfect, for that there is still much.

Such as car driven car of the future, the excess of technology could generate less intelligent humans. Accustomed to a technology that cares about them. But at the same time they are less stimulated?

The excesses are usually never good. The autonomous driving does not think it is an excess, you just have to know how to deal with it. From my point of view, autonomous driving is an advantage and not only for the safety it can give. Also because many people, especially in large cities, lose a lot of time that they could devote to work or training so there would be more stimuli even. As long as they take advantage of it.

“Apple is synonymous with success”

The company of Steve Jobs introduced the video platform to deal with Netflix and Amazon Prime. Could the big Apple company get the top and make the other companies disappear?

Can be put ahead I do not put in doubt, because in the end what Apple does is synonymous with success. But from there to that I can make Netflix disappear it seems very complicated. Because it is a giant that offers a lot of content and above all its own content, of great quality that it likes a lot. For what it has earned its name.

How is affecting journalism the arrival of these new technologies?

That new technologies are generating changes in journalism is clear and that the media have to adapt as well. One of the problems that journalism has to face is the misinformation or fake news, which comes through social networks. Also new digital media with the sole purpose of discrediting or giving value to a part of some conflict. That can seem truthful and that usually generates hated or a somewhat dangerous public opinion.

Has journalism lost its valued?

Journalism  is not being devalued, journalism is devalued. The great growth of Fake news and misinformation, the increase of conflictive situations has made society radicalized. That leads to a much more subjective way of journalism. People read what they want to read and not what they should read. It is an undervaluation but on many occasions justified.

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