Radio is not dead to young people Radio is not dead to young people

Radio is not dead to young people

Radio has a loyal public who keep supporting it
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Kyrha Sánchez is a 20-year-old girl that studies in UAO University in Barcelona. She is currently in the third course of her journalist degree and is doing practices for a local radio station.

¿Do you study or do you work?

Actually I’m doing both right now. I’m in a radio station and I study in the university. I think it is important for us, the students, to have the professional world in mind while we study.

¿What kind of journalism attracts you?

The entertaining one. I like music, but now that I’m working in a radio magazine which is about humor and sports, and I’m enjoying it too. So I definitely would say the world of entertainment is the one which is more attractive for me.

I will work wherever they give me work, nowadays we are not in a position where we can reject a job, but if I could I would choose entertainment.

As a future journalist major and a radio worker, what’s your opinion on the OT phenomena?

In our radio it’s being a huge hit. We have a section that’s about TV and even now that the show is over we keep talking about i
t. Is something that everyone is talking about. OT was a risky bet for Television Española, but they won it. It is being so successful. It’s been that successful that  they have confirmed already that there’s going to be another edition next year.

Amaia the winner of OT

Video killed the radio star?

I’m young and I say that radio is not dead. Of course it affected when it first appeared, but radio is still alive. And people keep listening, is like radio has a loyal public who keep supporting it. And not just old people, but all kind of people. There are different kind of sectors, but one is not killing the other one. Now in Catalonia, for example, the number of people that listen the radio has increased.

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