„Lockdown Light“: German Chancellor Merkel plans new restrictions „Lockdown Light“: German Chancellor Merkel plans new restrictions

„Lockdown Light“: German Chancellor Merkel plans new restrictions

A second lockdown for Germany? Because of the increasing numbers of new Covid-19 infections, Angela Merkel shares her thoughts on new restrictions.
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With over 14.000 new infections daily the German government again stands in front of a big decision. Local restrictions don’t seem to be enough to flatten the curve. Because of that Chancellor Merkel scheduled a discussion with the ministers of the states. Her plan: A “Lockdown Light”.


Lockdown Light

Merkel scheduled a reunion with the ministers.

So far Germany could control the pandemic quite well, counting only 10.000 deaths since the outbreak in March. That is less than a fourth of losses the United Kingdom counts. Merkel though is afraid that the numbers will increase fast. «People keep behaving withput respect for existing rules. In weekly video announcements she expresses her concerns. She calls out the citizens to keep practicing social distancing and remember that we are still in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Her main goal: Avoid another lockdown.

Closing of bars, restaurants and gyms during lockdown

This goal though seems to be impossible. Yesterday she announced her ideas on a “Lockdown Light”. This may include the closing of bars, restaurants, and gyms as well as new restrictions to lower social interaction. With the “Lockdown Light” Merkel wants to avoid the shutdown of schools and kindergarten. Some politicians don’t seem to agree with the Chancellor – SPD-member Lauterbach calls out for a complete shutdown over the period of two weeks.



The “Lockdown Light” should explicitly respect the older generation and patients of high risk. “We need a security concept which does not lead to a separation of different parts of the society.” On Wednesday, the whole government – including Merkel and the ministers – will gather to discuss further plans and possible restrictions. Over the summer different states of Germany each decided on their own regulations regarding the pandemic. The Chancellor hopes for a nationwide and common plan during the second wave to avoid major differences in the states.

By Ronja Rick

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