Cooking App – Connects generations with taste Cooking App – Connects generations with taste

Cooking App – Connects generations with taste

Cooking App – conversations about cooking
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Are you looking for homemade recipes for simple dishes? Would you like to learn how to cook? Or maybe your passion is cooking? Do you want to help lost souls who can’t prepare even simple meals for themselves? Try the cooking app – CUKAP. This modern application fills the needs of teenagers and older people. On the one hand, the world is full of elderly people who are tired of sitting alone at home and need closeness. On the other hand, teenagers and young people are entering adult life and need help preparing their first meals.


This cooking app connects generations and help each other. Teenagers will be able to ask more experienced people to help with preparing dishes. What is more, elders will be provided with company and a lot of fun in helping others. They will feel needed.


CUKAP – Cooking app for free

This cooking app is completely free. All you need is a smartphone or tablet where you can install this application. You don’t need to pay for additional services and spend money on subscriptions. Everything is absolutely free!

cooking with an app

cooking with an app


Moreover, cooking application guarantees benefits for both teenagers and the elderly. Young people will learn how to cook and the elderly will have company and a nice time.


What are you waiting for? Download the cooking application now and enjoy new many recipes. Pasta with vegetables or maybe an easy dessert in five minutes? This cooking app has all of them. And don’t worry. Lonely evenings are a thing of the past.


Magdalena Bocoń

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