Cookies N Clean: Fenty Beauty’s New Detoxing Face Mask Cookies N Clean: Fenty Beauty’s New Detoxing Face Mask

Cookies N Clean: Fenty Beauty’s New Detoxing Face Mask

Rihanna has added a new detoxing face mask called ‘Cookies N Clean’ to her beauty line.
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On Wednesday 20th April 2022, Rihanna announced on her Instagram that she has created a new detoxing face mask through called ‘Cookies N Clean’. This face mask was released on the 22nd of April and above all, Rihanna is promising that it will be the most delicious mask people will ever use.

Above all, Rihanna made sure to make this face mask a sustainable and earth conscious product. The packaging is all recyclable and therefore it is all made with recycled products. Similarly, the mask itself is gluten free, vegan and fragrance free product.

“I’m all about that glow without the shine when it comes to my beauty and skincare routine. Because of this, I wanted to create a moment of self-care for everybody that helps keep oil and  shine in check but in addition won’t leave your skin feeling tight or dry after.” – Rihanna

Rihanna wearing Cookies N Clean

Rihanna wearing Cookies N Clean


About Cookies N Clean

Most importantly, Cookies N Clean is a very sustainable and cruelty free detoxing mask. It contains clay, charcoal, salicylic acid, rhubarb and ginger extracts and recycled materials. These materials can help detox your pores without drying them out and also it removes dirt, oil and impurities. This gives you a deeply cleansed and improves the shine of your skin. After using this mask Fenty Skin claims that it will leave the “skin feeling creamy, soft and smooth”.

In conclusion, all skin types are suitable for the use of this mask, even sensitive and dry skin. This is because this new face mask is also noncomedogenic which means that it won’t clog your pores!

All you have to do to use ‘Cookies N Clean’ is apply an even layer to dry or wet skin. After that, massage it into your skin and leave to turn to a fully grey colour for 10-15 mins. You then have to rinse it off and for best results you should use 2-3 times a week not in a row.

Cookies N Clean is available at However, in May it will be available at Sephora and other global retailers.

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