Experience of a Belgium erasmus student in Barcelona Experience of a Belgium erasmus student in Barcelona

Experience of a Belgium erasmus student in Barcelona

I am enjoying the typical food from Barcelona, like ‘‘tapas and paella’’
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What do you think about Barcelona?

I do love Barcelona. It´s a big city, bigger than my home, and that is quite nice. One of the things that I like more about Barcelona is the wheather, it´s is warmer and I hate the cold wheather. I also like the language because it´s a worldwide language so it´s good if you can speak it.

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ottilie enjoying Erasmus in Spain

What do you think about this university? 

As an erasmus student  I can not compare this university with the others in Spain but I like how they organized many things for the international students.I like the orientation day and how they organized several trips outsite of the city. It is a small university and  that makes everything easier to find. I have to say that there is something that I don´t like and it is the location because it is quite far.

What do you do in your free time here in Barcelona?

I enjoy exploring the city and and hang out with my erasmus friends. I also like to go to the beach to relax myself . On the weekeds I love to go out to some pubs and nightclubs like Razzmatazz. One of the things that I enjoy more  is to go to the cinema in Balmes street being that they have the original versions and I can understand it.

Are you enjoying the food in Barcelona?

Yes, I am enjoying the food. Especially the typycal food from Spain, like tapas and paella. I am expecting to try calçots because a lot of people recommended me to try it.

Have you heard something of the Catalonian Indepence in the last few weeks? 

A couple of times when I was walking in the city center there were some strikes of people that was in favour of the Independence. I heard many things about Puigdemont in my country (Belgium) on the news so I already knew about the controversy here.

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