Barcelona Marathon Back on Track Barcelona Marathon Back on Track

Barcelona Marathon Back on Track

After a year with no race due to COVID-19, the Barcelona Marathon is back and better than ever raising people’s spirits
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Barcelona Marathon 2021

The 42nd annual Barcelona Marathon is taking place on Sunday 8th November 2021 at 8:30. This marathon is one of the most popular races in Europe along with the Paris marathon. Most years the race is held around the city of Barcelona in March. This year it is scheduled to happen in November as a repercussion of COVID-19. The 2020 Barcelona Marathon was cancelled as a result of COVID-19, publicado.

This year there have been 17,000 people that have already registered to run the race which shows how popular this marathon is among runners. Usually each year there is a turnout of about 20,000 runners.

The marathon starts and finishes in Plaça Espanya. The runners then pass by the famous sportsground for the Barcelona football team Camp Nou. After this the runner then goes on to run by Casa Batlló and the Sagrada Familia which are also very famous landmarks for people to visit. Along the route of the race the runners will also see the Arc de Triomf and towards the end of the race route they will go through the city’s main square Plaça Catalunya. The runners will then end up at the end of the race back in Plaça Espanya.

Runners completing the last few meters of the Barcelona Marathon

The finish line of the Barcelona Marathon at Placa Espanya


Along the route of the race there will be water points for the runners to keep hydrated as they run. The marathon also has massage services at the start and finish lines for the runners as well as many changing rooms and showers.

History of the Barcelona Marathon

The marathon, a running event of 42,195 km, is the most popular and spectacular discipline in athleticism. Sportsmen have set unbelievable performances throughout the years.

Currently, almost every metropolis around the world hosts its own marathon. And so does Barcelona. Since 1978, the Marató Barcelona , or Barcelona Marathon is a safe bet of the athleticism season. 

The marathon was first started by a Catalan chemist, Ramón Oliu, after he had run the New York City Marathon in 1976 . He had noticed that there was no marathon in Catalonia around that time so, in 1978, Oliu decided to organize the first one.

During the first few editions, the name of the marathon was the Catalunya Marathon. But from the year 2005, the name changed to its present name. After a number of intermediate name changes, the name was eventually changed to «Zurich Marató de Barcelona» in 2012 .

During the last editions, the number of participants has increased spectacularly. With a yearly number of more than 15,000 participants, the Marathon belongs to the biggest of Europe.

Kenyan Jackson Kipkoech Kotut previously set the best performance in the Zurich Marató de Barcelona in 2010. He won the race in a time of 2:07:30 hours. This was a course record and also the fastest marathon ever run in Spain.

Journey to a Marathon

Michael O’Dwyer ran in the 2019 Barcelona Marathon and the 2021 Paris marathon. When asked about the requirements needed to partake in this sport, he said training for a marathon is all about discipline. «In order to see progress in your running abilities, you need to obtain strong will power.»

 O’Dwyer recommends training for a marathon “at least 5 months in advance for beginners”. One should start small with three runs a week at a short distance and gradually let this increase through the months. This will allow for a buildup in resistance to the runs as you will begin to see progress.

«If participating, proper running shoes are of major importance,» says O’Dwyer. «Your runners professionally fitted will increase your endurance». He also highly suggests taking a rest day because your body needs time to heal. «Often athletes will ice their calves and feet or even go as far as taking an ice bath.»

Your diet is a key ingredient in preparation for a marathon. “When you’re training almost every day, you are burning hundreds of calories. You need to give your body the fuel it requires.” Dietary requirements are different for everyone. O’Dwyer stuck to lean meats, leafy greens and carbohydrates that he sourced mainly from vegetables.

His advice for the marathon itself is to not be aggressive at the start. «Keep to a regulated pace that you can withstand throughout the race.» He completed his latest marathon in Paris with the time of 3:24:47 and hopes to continue improving for his next challenge.


Tessa Kissane, Maddie Morris, Flor Van de Weghe

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