Balancing studies and sports it’s possible Balancing studies and sports it’s possible

Balancing studies and sports it’s possible

A student athlete affirms that balancing school and athletics can be done
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Aaron Boyle is a student of Accounting in the United States, Washington. We did an interview because we want to know his lifestyle regarding balancing the limited time he has with school work and athletics.

How many hours a week do you spend in the classroom?

  • I usually have classes from Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 15 pm, and at night I usually spend 2 hours doing homework. I also belong to the accounting society club where we meet once a week for an hour and find guest lecturers for events.

And, playing soccer?

  • We have practice every day except Sunday and have games twice a week. Practice usually lasts between two hours but we have to warm up fifteen minutes before and also stretch and see the trainers after practice for thirty minutes. We also have film studies and team meetings twice a week for about an hour.


How do you balance soccer and studies?

  • I usually bring my books on the bus for long road trips and then I also go to the library after practice. Also, on the bus we get into groups and help each other with work and also during the week have mandatory study hall three times a week for an hour, that is facilitated by our coach. It’s hard because I have to manage my time well. But, after all, it’s something that makes me happy. 
    Aaron Boyle

    Aaron Boyle Studying at home

Do you recommend it, other students, to play sports in college?

  • Yes of course, because you meet a lot of people and you make friends. And also teaches you how to manage your time and to prioritize what’s most important and not procrastinate with the little time you have. I believe that being a student-athlete and balancing studies and athletics teaches responsibility, leadership, professionalism and work ethic. These values can translate us into the future workplace.


Aaron Boyle and Victoria Blactot

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