Avocado, the new enemy of the forests Avocado, the new enemy of the forests

Avocado, the new enemy of the forests

The avocado affects forest all over Mexico
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The avocado –named “green gold” – is a fruit that faces a boom in its use. But, this comes with bad and good things. 

Mexico, one of the biggest farmers of avocados, has seen its economy raise. But also faces the destruction of many of its forests. Many blame that the farming of  the avocado does not help the water crisis in Chile.

Destruction of forests in Mexico

In Mexico, some of the farmers of avocado make fires in forests so they have more space to plant avocado trees. 

The National Institute of Forestal and Agricultural Investigation (INIFAP) of Mexico says that every year the country loses around 600 and 1,000 ha of forest

Also, the Department of Environment of Mexico says that the illegal crops of avocado are around 20,000 ha.

The forests in Mexico are disappearing because of the illegal avocado crops

Deforestation in Mexico because of the illegal avocado crops

Furtive farmers of avocado

There are furtive farmers that grow in the forest small crops of avocados. Then, they wait for them to get bigger so they can cut down the trees.

The Global Forest Watch adds in their analysis that the forest destruction in Mexico is because of overuse, “forest fires” and “clearing” for farming.

Blood Avocados

Some news say that drug cartels control the fruit in Central America. 

A gang know as the Knights Templar controls the local trade and the farming and delivery of this fruit in Mexico.

In the British Isles’ restaurants have stopped having in the menu plates that include avocados. Actually, drug gangs sell the so called “blood avocados” to traders in the UK, says The Guardian. 


Lack of water in Chile

The avocado tree needs a lot of water. The Water Footprint Network says that to farm a kilo of avocados, you need two thousand liters of water. 

But in Chile, which farms avocados, there has been a lack of water and there is no running water in the houses.


Author: Cristina Reverte

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