Andrea Pelegrín: «Journalism can be a way of changing» Andrea Pelegrín: «Journalism can be a way of changing»

Andrea Pelegrín: «Journalism can be a way of changing»

Her profession is the one she always wanted
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Andrea Pelegrín is 20 years old and lives in Barcelona. She is cosmopolitan and loves writing since she was a kid, now she’s a journalist in the making studying in the Abat Oliba CEU University in the city. Idealist and romantic, she hopes for a better world and thinks that through journalism this could be changed.

Which are your motivations when choosing journalism?

Well, writing was always one of the things I used to be good at school. Teachers used to tell me that I expressed myself very nicely and that I’d be a writer or a journalist in the future, so I always thought about it and it helped to know what I would like to do one day.

Have you always known that journalism would be what you would do, or did you had other options in mind?

I actually liked psychology a lot when I was younger because the fact of treating with people and study their behavior, understanding them and giving them advice, always caught my attention. But then I realized that I could do this without studying a career. I believe that journalism help to give voice to a lot of conflicts and certain people, and this is also a good way to help.

Which area of journalism do you prefer?

I think every area of journalism is needed and interesting to practice. Since the first day of studying journalism they teach us that we should know a little bit about any topic, this is something that I love about my career, the fact of knowing and understanding many situations. But, talking about my preferences, I would love to do written press or radio about social or popular journalism, because I feel more comfortable when adding my personal touches.

Andrea writing an article

Utopia or reality? You as an idealist, do you think that journalism can change the world?

Definitely, journalists need some realism in their work. There are things that can not happen (the end of wars, corruption, injustice…), even they improve. However, I believe journalism can be a very interesting way of changing things and creating perspectives about issues that can go from being non-existent to be a global topic that can help many lives.


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